How can I serve your decorative lighting wants?

//How can I serve your decorative lighting wants?

How can I serve your decorative lighting wants?

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A lush garden of romantic and tropical flowers are painted in this original 24 inch reverse painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita. This captivating decorative lighting chandelier is installation ready.

After more than two successful decades in the fine art business, first with my watercolor and oil paintings and then with my hand painted glass chandeliers, I’m asking, How I can serve YOU—the art collector and the client who requires beautiful, unique decorative lighting—to the best of my abilities?

Years ago a mentor of mine had said, listen to what people want—they will tell you…and I’ve tried to do that as much as possible in my business. Part of the reason why my work ebbs and flows in different directions is based on what trends people, my people, tell me they are looking for. Many of my collectors have color schemes already thought out when they are building or renovating. You might notice that sometimes I will have small collections of various chandeliers within a color or flower scheme and that is based upon the feedback that I’m receiving from you about my work.

And at the same time, you will notice that I’m also forging my way in unique directions. I create my own themes by stretching my creative mind to be as innovative as possible…and in turn, those themes and trends then become what my client are requesting in my work for a time being.

Occasionally I am requested to create something that I know isn’t a good fit for my work…and I’ll usually say so upfront or I’ll try an idea—this is rare but it does happen. There are many good reasons to accept an gentle answer of ‘no’ from an artist. Most artists want to participate in every project if possible but when an artist knows it’s not a great fit at that moment in time, then that actually says a lot.

The pricing for my beautiful chandeliers is in line with other high-end lighting options and in many cases, much less. The price for one of my beautiful hand painted glass chandeliers is a true value for the original artistry that is in each and every chandelier. Glancing through the pages of Architectural Digest or Veranda or any of the other home decor magazines, I realize that you can choose from some very big companies that have zillions of fixture options and finishes and different styles, etc…so I’m always humbled when you choose to contact me for information on my chandeliers which are all made in the USA and more specifically, hand crafted in California.

So, I’d love to hear directly from you, the art collector who requires, desires, needs beautiful and unique decorative lighting. What are you looking for this year?

Interior designers: I’d also love to talk to you and get you on my list to keep in touch with! I serve interior designers with projects every year. If you have upcoming projects, I’d love to quote on them for you. Send me a line on how I can serve your decorative lighting needs! 

Email me at with your suggestions!

And if you’d like to keep in touch, please opt into my eNews list for new releases and offers on my work. 

warmest regards,

Jenny Floravita

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