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Hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny FloravitaI don’t mind answering questions. Here are a few that I hear a lot. Feel free to call me in my studio at 925-625-7969 with any questions that you have. You can also email me at jennyfloravita@yahoo.com

How do I order a reverse painted glass chandelier? You can call me at my studio number at 925-625-7969 or email me direct at either jennyfloravita@yahoo.com or jenny@floravita.com as both emails funnel into the same place…but a phone call is always more reliable. It’s a simple process. If I happen to have available the chandelier that you like then it will be ready to ship within a few days. You can pay via check, credit card or PayPal. When you call you will speak directly to me.

Do you create chandeliers on commission? Yes, I create a lot of custom chandeliers in almost every color scheme. Commissions do take a bit more time as I often need to create the glass bowl and then the iron to fit. That happens before I even begin to paint but the overall process is easy. My page about Commissions explains the process a bit more in depth. If you look through my collection you will get a good idea for my style. Colors are up to you!

How long does it take to paint a commission be it a chandelier or an oil or watercolor painting? It depends on a few factors. Usually I already have projects in queue. A very conservative answer is 6-8 weeks. If you have an urgency for a chandelier (almost always these are cases where there is an upcoming home party) then let me know. In my experience, shipping takes 3 days to one week…though technically 7-10 business days is an advisable time-frame. With commissions I frequently check-in with clients to let you know where I am at in the process even if I’m just getting ready to start the painting. Keep in mind that this is a high-end art form and not a mass produced item so time is required for good work. One very good thing about working with me is that I’m always available to talk via phone or email even when I’m traveling.

Do you ship? Yes, I’ve shipped to places all over the US. All of my pieces are professionally packed and fully insured. I guarantee my work. Where I live, I am UPS Store’s biggest small business client.

Can I see your work in a gallery close to me? My hand painted glass chandeliers are in a few galleries and are also here on my website. You are quite welcome to see my chandeliers in my studio. I live about an hour and fifteen minutes from San Francisco. My studio is located in between San Francisco and Sacramento. My work in general has sold in galleries across the country over the past decade. I would be happy to put you in touch with a gallery if you want.

What are your set standard chandelier sizes? 20″, 24″, 28″, 33″, 36″

20 inch is good for very small situations and hallways where multiple chandeliers are needed and the ceiling is low. 24 inch is my most requested size and this is what I hang in my own home. 28 inch is a solid medium size. 33 inch is a fabulous large size and 36 inch is, of course, very large with a deeper bowl.

How bright are the chandeliers? The chandeliers are painted and are more ambient in nature but they do give off some light. My fixtures will take 4 energy efficient bulbs and these days I ship LEDs with a chandelier purchase. I’ve had collectors install chandeliers in every room that a house has but the two most common areas are foyers and dining rooms as the lighting is perfect for these spaces. It’s good to note that any room will ideally need multiple types of light sources to create ambiance to suit different situations.

If you recommend energy efficient bulbs then can I put my chandelier on a dimmer? Yes and I will send you beautiful LEDs to light your chandelier up with.

Can we have our irons in a different color? Yes, if you want. I show all of my work in black irons because I think that it looks really nice this way but I’ve certainly finished irons in other colors.

Do you offer other irons styles? Yes, and you can my three forged fixture styles here.

I have a short ceiling, do you have an iron for this? Yes, I have a semi-flush ceiling mount version for my chandeliers. You can read specs here under the Contemporary Swirl fixture style.

Are the chandeliers easy to install? Yes, they are easy and I recommend you use a licensed electrician. They will make sure that you have a box in the ceiling that will support the weight of a chandelier. Many newer homes already have adequate support. If you had a ceiling fan or heavy chandelier in the intended place then you’re probably fine. My standard size chandelier weighs 25lbs -30lbs with my 36 inch chandelier weighing just under 50lbs. I will provide you with a ceiling canopy and chain that is rated to support the weight of the piece that you purchase. If you are installing a chandelier where you do not have electrical then your licensed electrician can run wire for you.