Umber Vineyard Painted Chandelier

//Umber Vineyard Painted Chandelier
Umber Vineyard Painted Chandelier 2017-04-03T14:27:02+00:00

Umber Vineyard Painted Chandelier is a 24″ Reverse Painted Chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita
Installation Ready

Umber Vineyard Painted Chandelier is yet another color combination in this elegant reverse painted chandelier series. This beautiful ceiling light has Tuscan background colors of golds, umber, rose and lavender. The grapes are painted in hues of greens, violets, reds and blues. Brown vines intertwine through out the chandelier. Umber Vineyard Painted Vineyard Romance chandelier is unique and original in it’s own way. In this particular color theme, I often paint a song bird or two…or even a dragonfly.

The forged fixture style shown here is my Contemporary Swirl style and the ceiling light Height from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass bowl is 29 inches—and you can see my Chandelier Specs here. My Ornate fixture style is also very lovely with the Vineyard Romance chandelier. Any of my fixtures would be lovely with this chandelier.