Mauve Flowers and Hydrangeas Ceiling Light

//Mauve Flowers and Hydrangeas Ceiling Light
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24 inch Mauve Flowers and Hydrangeas Ceiling Light, a Painted Glass Chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita

Installation Ready

Mauve Flowers and Hydrangeas Ceiling Light is a gorgeous painted glass chandelier. This soft color combination is very elegant and great for homes with Tuscan colors. This chandelier photographed so lovely that I had a challenging time narrowing down pictures to show you. Every angle of this flowing flower ceiling light is gorgeous! Mauve Flowers and hydrangeas has tremendous movement and lavish layering of flower textures and leaves. If you have a conservative color palate in your home and if you don’t have a lot of bright color accents and love my work, then this chandelier might just be the right piece for you. Unlike a lot of my Tuscan color themed chandeliers, there are not grapes in this piece. Mauve Flowers and Hydrangeas is a true work of art for your ceiling!

The forged fixture style shown here is my Standard style and the drop from the ceiling (to the bottom of the glass bowl) as seen here is 25 inches. You can see my Chandelier Specs here. Any of my fixtures would be lovely with this chandelier.

My painted glass chandeliers are all original works of art painted only by me, Jenny Floravita. They are not studio production pieces—none of my work is nor will it ever be. A lot of time and thought goes into each of my painted glass chandeliers. They are exquisite works of art and are heirloom quality. My painted glass chandeliers will hang in fine homes for generations to come.