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Banana Shack, Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage painting

By | March 31st, 2012|Painting Blog|

  Spring has arrived along with soft rains and new banana plant stalks are shooting up in the garden of my California studio. While I'm waiting for my garden to become green again, I'll be painting banana plants in my small Hawaiian waimea plantation cottage paintings...and dreaming of the lush season that follows. [...]

Bird of Paradise reverse painted glass night light

By | March 31st, 2012|Glass Blog|

Need a little piece of paradise? My "new" tropical Bird of Paradise night light was previewed and then promptly sold out last month and has lovely warm colors. We grow birds of paradise at my home studio and they are now blooming in my garden! Through the years I have painted this flower differently in [...]

North Shore Living, Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage painting

By | March 28th, 2012|Painting Blog|

North Shore Living is a 12" long by 6" tall original oil painting from my long running Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage Series. This is a beautiful island home vignette painting—a small treasure. You can see in the side shot how the colors glow. All of my paintings look really lovely in person—my collectors are always [...]

Trilogy at the Vineyard fine art and wine show

By | March 28th, 2012|Glass Blog|

This elegant setting is a home in Brentwood, California's, luxurious Trilogy at the Vineyards community. To be clear, this is the Northern California's Brentwood. My reverse painted lamp (far left) and my reverse painted 'flat' glass pieces are lovely compliments to this formal, traditional wood interior. This lovely home has a 20' ceiling. The reverse [...]

Hawaii in Summer, tropical waimea plantation cottage art

By | March 26th, 2012|Painting Blog|

Hawaii in Summer is one of my newest mini Waimea Plantation Cottage Series paintings. Those of you who have been following my painting blogs for a couple years know that I can paint these small Hawaiian sugar cottages endlessly. This piece forgoes the usual island cottage blue and utilizes the colors of the sun. Bright [...]

Bahama Macaw, tropical reverse painted glass chandelier

By | March 26th, 2012|Glass Blog|

Bahama Macaw is a lovely example of my tropical, reverse painted glass chandeliers. Though I have been creating and painting these rare and exciting chandeliers for several years, part of what is most inspiring for me is that each new painted chandelier idea has the potential to be so different from the last even within [...]

New Honolulu Beauties Geshia Series, reverse painted glass night lights

By | March 25th, 2012|Glass Blog|

My newest series of reverse painted glass night lights are my Honolulu Beauties Geshia Series. Each night light will be painted differently, with different patters, styles and flowers that will include orchids, tropical gingers and cherry blossoms, just to name a few. Some Geshias will hold fans. Reds, violet, black and golds have been the [...]

Morning Glory House, waimea plantation cottage painting

By | March 22nd, 2012|Painting Blog|

Late last month I was blessed to visit Hawaii proper also known as Big Island. Hawaii is a very dynamic, living island. Though our entry and exit to and from the island happened late at night, if you fly in to land during the day you will be able to see how the lava effects [...]