Vineyard Romance, 18″ Reverse Painted Lamp Shade

Vineyard Romance Series Reverse painted lamp is 18″ in diameter, can be sold separate or with lovely Tiffany style lamp base.

I am really enjoying creating and also ‘living’ with my new table lamps. Even in the daytime, my rooms now seem to have an emptiness if I do not have my lamps lit up. My 18″ diameter glass shades are hand-crafted in my studio and I can paint virtually anything in them for you withing in my style.

My reverse hand painted table lamps are original works of art and not patterns. A lot of time and thought goes into my reverse painted table lamps. If you have a base that you love, perhaps it’s been in the family for some time, and if it has a harp at the top, it is possible to just commission just the painted lamp shade. However it’s always easier for me to simply ship a new base with my reverse painted table lamps.

These reverse painted lamps will really change the ambiance of your room!

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