Delivering reverse painted chandeliers to a fine art glass gallery in Santa Monica, California

By | June 20th, 2012|Glass Blog|

With the Summer Danville Fine Arts Faire behind me, it's time to leave to deliver work to my fine art glass gallery in Santa Monica, which sells contemporary glass art for some of the nation's most established artists. Yes, I'll be sharing the info for this gallery upon my return—when I'm not in such a [...]

Circles of Eternity, abstract reverse painted chandelier may go to Santa Monica glass art gallery

By | June 14th, 2012|Glass Blog|

Just wanted to share another view of my newest abstract, reverse painted chandelier that is titled Circles of Eternity. I am trying to decide if I will take this piece (over an abstract piece that will be finished today) down to my glass art gallery in Santa Monica, California. The decision must be made by [...]

June Garden Bloom, reverse painted chandelier wins a Judges Award at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery show

By | June 13th, 2012|Glass Blog|

In May, my reverse painted chandelier titled June Garden Bloom won a special Judges Award at the Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery art show which was organized by the Lodi Community Arts Center. It was a fabulous event and the turn out for the gala reception had a couple hundred people, many of which were dressed [...]

Vineyard Romance, 32″ reverse painted glass chandelier headed for Temecula, California

By | June 11th, 2012|Glass Blog|

In three weeks I'll be delivering this lovely 32" Vineyard Romance, a custom reverse painted glass chandelier. I'm so pleased with how well this chandelier turned out...was going to wait until my delivery drive to show this piece here on my bog but thought, "hey, I can show it now and then"!' This is a [...]

Trilogy at the Vineyard fine art and wine show

By | March 28th, 2012|Glass Blog|

This elegant setting is a home in Brentwood, California's, luxurious Trilogy at the Vineyards community. To be clear, this is the Northern California's Brentwood. My reverse painted lamp (far left) and my reverse painted 'flat' glass pieces are lovely compliments to this formal, traditional wood interior. This lovely home has a 20' ceiling. The reverse [...]