Painting a 10×30 inch Plantation Cottage Oil

//Painting a 10×30 inch Plantation Cottage Oil

Painting a 10×30 inch Plantation Cottage Oil

A simple drawing and under-painting in warm tones.

This year I wanted to begin sharing my oil painting process again, specifically for my Hawaiian Island oil paintings on canvas. I have so many new ideas to tackle and now my toddler son is beginning to give me a bit more time. I feel the need to paint on canvas again in between all of my reverse painted glass chandelier and lamp orders. Even though I am very successful as a chandelier and lamp artist, the desire to continue in my life’s work of capturing the beautiful colors and moments of the Hawaiian Islands has never left me and I don’t expect that it ever will.

This gallery wrapped canvas is a 10×30 inch canvas. I wanted to paint a very color driven plantation cottage painting—a favorite series of mine. I began the piece with a very simple pencil gesture drawing—and some of my drawings are nearly non-existent as I don’t really need an under drawing to paint but I’m showing it in more detail here for you. I’ve also begun an under-painting in warm tones. I’ve always excelled in gesture drawing and under-paintings help me to define my gestures early in the process. I don’t do this in my Mini-Master paintings which are very small and to keep colors really fresh there I avoid under-paintings. For larger work, I often enjoy this first painting process—it re-connects me with quickly capturing the essence of the scene. Coconut palms are tall and graceful and each has it’s own spirit and it’s important to me to capture. This also is similar to watercolor and that was my first art love.

Finishing up the warm under-painting for a new Floravita plantation cottage painting!

The next step is to begin blocking in colors for the sky. I have soft blue hues in a couple tones and also the beginning of some beautiful late afternoon colors that will add glow and warmth to the finished painting. I’m keeping the painting loose and that helps keep the color fresh and vibrant. I was so excited by the initial coconut palm gestures that I decided to block in sky colors a bit early and then stop and finish my gesture driven under-painting before my son gets dropped off by his grandmother, Tutu. I should also say that every brush stroke has thought put into it.

The rest of my painting time today will be to quickly finish my gesture under-painting—this will give me the good foundation that I’m looking for to begin blocking in color for the rest of the sky, flowers and the small plantation cottage. As I’m impatient to begin the rest of the fun in the painting, I’ll leave my under-painting at this phase.

Painting is really fulfilling in my life and creates great happiness. I am so glad that I discovered this as a young person and I’m even more grateful that it continues to drive inspiration in my life.

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