Garden of Dreams is a stunningly beautiful 33 inch diameter reverse painted glass chandelier. This gorgeously painted piece was a commission and I love how it turned out. Overall colors and flowers were inspired by another large chandelier in my portfolio, the super large New Orleans chandelier that was also a commission for different clients.

The glass bowl for Garden of Dreams is a little smaller than the New Orleans piece but still very large. My chandeliers in this size require two boxes and are very expensive to pack and ship. All of my chandeliers are professionally packed and thus fully insured. Just a note: when you purchase glass art you should open the box in a timely manner and look at your glass. I know that suggestion seems ‘odd’ and overly practice but I’ve had clients through the years who have been super busy and they delay opening boxes for a couple months. As a business owner, I am also guilty of not opening boxes quickly as I get so busy…but for insurance purposes, you do want to inspect all fine art as soon as possible. We spare no expense when packing and that truly helps my gorgeous chandeliers travel to destinations all over the US safely. Plus, you might not realize it but there is a good chance that the artist or gallery you purchased from is waiting to hear back from you to make sure your fine art arrived safely.

Garden of Dreams is an exquisitely painted 33 inch commissioned reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita. Installation ready. Shown in Floravita’s Ornate fixture style.

Back to the details of Garden of Dreams…this new chandelier features a dreamy late summer color palate of blue sky, rust hues, soft blush colors, greens, pinks, violets and white accents. Golden sunflowers, tropical green leaves, hydrangeas and daisies are just a few of the flowers in this gorgeous chandelier. A hummingbird flits in between the flowers. The client also gave me the option of painting an additional butterfly or bird—and usually I can find the space especially in a large glass bowl—but with this piece, the more I painted the more the flowers flowed and in the end, it felt more natural to have just the hummingbird. Like a sculptor sees images in their wood or stone, I also see images emerge in my paint and thus I try to not force what is not there (unless that extra bird needs to be there or those extra 5 regional flowers are on the list) and that helps to create a more natural flow even though commissions are less free to paint. Usually, my floral work turns out loveliest when I’m given a list of primary flowers and then a list of extras (if there is room) or even better, if I’m just allowed to paint what arises most naturally out of the paint.

Garden of Dreams is an exquisitely painted 33 inch commissioned reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita. This is a large section that is based off my New Orleans commission and this section is very similar…and then from there the rest of the piece is it’s own original with different flowers and colors.

I just love this chandelier and it photographed nicely and I had an abundance of pictures to choose from. This piece is a good example of how a commissioned chandelier can be inspired by a different chandelier that is sold and no longer available. There is a major section that is very similar yet I swapped out colors and flowers for my client. In the remaining glass, I painted with more of the client’s desired colors and flowers. Though my 33 inch glass bowls are very large, the New Orleans piece was so gigantic that when using this idea as inspiration for another chandelier, I have to pick and choose areas to paint. I have needed to do this several times for smaller chandeliers in the past few months as the colors and flowers of my New Orleans painted chandelier have been very popular among my clients.

The rule of thumb with my larger glass bowls is that you will have greater density of flowers and also a deeper bowl and thus more surface space and more flowers, more of everything! And that said, some of my favorite chandeliers in a year emerge in my 24 inch glass bowls…and I just created a stunning ocean piece in a 20 inch bowl.

If you would like to see all the pictures that I’m sharing for Garden of Dreams, visit the reverse painted glass chandelier here.