Volcanic Ocean Reef hand painted chandelier by Jenny Floravita

//Volcanic Ocean Reef hand painted chandelier by Jenny Floravita
Volcanic Ocean Reef hand painted chandelier by Jenny Floravita 2016-06-23T11:41:25+00:00

24″ Hand Painted Glass Chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita—is installation ready.

Hawaiian sea turtles, also known as Honu, swim in an underwater coral reef filled with sea pearls and tropical reef fish while molten lava from Kilauea flows to create new black rock land above in my new hand painted glass chandelier. Volcanic Ocean Reef  is part of an amazing series of  hand painted glass chandeliers based on my inspirations of the lava rock and sea in Hawaii and the way I am painting the scenes is completely original, painted in a way that hasn’t been seen before by any other artists. If you’ve been to Hawaii you know that the lava has been contiuously flowing into the ocean since 1983. The volcanic rock formations are stunning! The land in Hawaii inspires my tropical greatly. I love standing on some of the most dramatic sections of lava rock on earth when I’m there! It’s just completely amazing and awe inspiring. I bring inspirations from this special place to you in my newest hand painted glass chandeliers in this series, which is very special to me.

The hand forged fixture style that you see here is my Contemporary Swirl style—it’s simple and the swirl is in the form of a nautilus—a symbol that is seen in nearly all of my painted chandeliers. The drop from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the hand painted glass chandelier bowl is 29″—more chain allows for whatever drop you need. This fixture can also be modified for shorter drops to accommodate an 8′ ceiling. I am showing it here in WHITE as an option. You could also choose between my other two fixture styles: Ornate and Standard as my hand painted glass chandelier  bowls can switch out of my fixture rings—easy.

Contemporary Swirl style fixture is also a 2013 NICHE Awards Finalist for it’s concept.

My hand painted glass chandeliers are all original works of art painted by me, Jenny Floravita. They are not studio production pieces. A lot of time and thought goes into each of my painted glass chandeliers. They are exquisite works of art and are heirloom quality. My painted glass chandeliers will hang in fine homes for generations to come.