Garden Glory with Hummingbird reverse painted lamp shade

//Garden Glory with Hummingbird reverse painted lamp shade
Garden Glory with Hummingbird reverse painted lamp shade 2016-12-14T16:24:47+00:00

Garden Glory with Hummingbird is an original 16 inch reverse painted lamp shade by artist Jenny Floravita

Can be purchased with the base or as a shade only.

Garden Glory with Hummingbird is a cheerful and beautifully painted 16 inch glass lamp shade. A humming bird flies gracefully in this wildflower garden. If you love sunflowers, those are featured prominently on one side of the shade. The base seen here stands 23 inches tall and is in good proportion to this shade, which is 16 inches in glass diameter.

All of my glass shades are crafted here in my studio in the greater SF Bay Area and are specific to my work—I personally make my own glass and it is of the highest quality. They have a lovely contemporary profile and are thick glass—very strong but also on the heavier side. The bases that I provide are strong and heavy and have a low center of gravity to provide stability. If you already have a heavy base with a harp style at the top, then you would be able to put my glass shade on your beautiful antique base…or have it rewired to allow for a harp, if possible. This would be a wonderful way to bring new life to an antique lamp base that’s been in the family and might not have a shade any longer.

The artistry and colors are more beautiful than I can photograph but I think that some of the beauty does come through in these photos. Colors do not wash out in person, that just happens in photography of lighting. LEDs are beautiful lighting for my reverse painted lamp shades. They give a nice soft white light which is perfect for the artistry in my lamps.