Flowers of Durango reverse painted chandelier

//Flowers of Durango reverse painted chandelier
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Flowers of Durango reverse painted chandelier is a 24 inch colorful decorative art light by artist Jenny Floravita

Installation Ready

Captivating and strong in color Flowers of Durango reverse painted chandelier is a lovely 24 inch mixed poppy and sunflower themed decorative art light. Functional and gorgeously painted, this lovely chandelier is so much prettier than I can show in pictures. The reds and oranges of the poppies are full of movement and depth (and not flat at all). This painted chandelier has very warm tones and would look lovely in a room with stronger colors, maybe reds and maybe even wood accents.

This chandelier is inspired by a piece that I sold to a client in my Durango, Colorado gallery, Sorrel Sky Gallery. I loved that piece so much that I wanted to paint a similar theme, with lots of poppies, sunflowers and daisies and yet this chandelier is it’s own original. The second side of this chandelier is greatly different from the piece that my client in Colorado will receive.

And truly, these photos do not do justice to this gorgeous chandelier—they are just the best that I have right at the moment.

The forged fixture style shown here is my Contemporary Swirl style and the drop from the ceiling (to the bottom of the glass bowl) as seen here is 29 inches plus chain. However, Contemporary Swirl also comes in a couple shorter height variations, to be as short as 17 inches for my 24 inch glass bowl pieces. You can see my Chandelier Specs here. Any of my fixtures would be lovely with this chandelier—my glass bowls that are 24 inches diameter are interchangeable in all of my hand forged fixture styles.

My reverse painted chandeliers are all original works of art painted only by me, Jenny Floravita. They are not studio production pieces—none of my work is nor will it ever be. A lot of time and thought goes into each of my painted chandeliers. They are exquisite works of art and are heirloom quality and will hang in fine homes for generations to come.