Flowers in Sedona reverse painted chandelier

//Flowers in Sedona reverse painted chandelier
Flowers in Sedona reverse painted chandelier 2017-06-28T17:44:36+00:00

Flowers in Sedona Reverse Painted Chandelier is a stunningly beautiful 33 inch Decorative Glass Art Chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita

Installation Ready and shown in Floravita’s Ornate fixture

Warm yet vibrant desert colors light up beautifully painted flowers in Flowers in Sedona Reverse Painted Chandelier. Sunflowers and mauve and royal blue gladiolas along with colorful and expressive wildflowers form this romantic flower garden scene. A large reverse painted chandelier, this decorative glass art lighting is stunning in person. If you haven’t seen my reverse painted chandeliers in Sedona, you can see them at Kuivato Glass Gallery at 336 Hwy 179, Tlaquepaque Suite B-125 in Sedona, Arizon. Kuivato is a fabulous glass art gallery—absolutely the best in Sedona and it’s been in existence for over 40 years! It was founded by internationally known artist Deanne Sabeck.

My large reverse painted chandeliers are stunning! So, go see them in person when you are gallery hopping in Sedona!

The forged chandelier fixture seen here is my Ornate style and it has a minimum height of 41 inches if installed with a ceiling canopy and chain or a fixed height of 35 inches, as a modified version. A ceiling height of 9 feet is the minimum height for a large chandelier and the installation would need to be over a table. If you imagine installing a large chandelier in an entry way or living room you need a taller ceiling to handle a piece of this size.

I make my 0wn glass bowls and forged fixtures. My studio is located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. There is a lot of time that goes into each of my painted chandeliers and I do not use studio artists—all of my chandeliers are painted and signed only by me, Jenny Floravita. These are heirloom quality works of art. My work is widely collected and will be enjoyed for generations to come.