Flamingo Paradise whimsical flamingo art

//Flamingo Paradise whimsical flamingo art
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Flamingo Paradise whimsical flamingo art 2016-12-04T18:43:06+00:00

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Watercolor, 24″x34″, available and ornately framed

Tropical flamingo art has never been so stylish yet this fourth painting in my Flamingo Suite has a whimsical flamingo style. Pink flamingo friends frolic around the lake under coconut palms at the former Flamingo Jungle Gardens in Coral Gables, South Florida. The tropical landscaping was so beautiful! This garden had mature trees and tons of tropical flowers. On the day where I captured this scene of two elegant pink flamingos drinking from the lake, the rains were on and off and I had to shelter my camera.

All of the tropical wildlife has since moved to another park off an island between Miami and South Beach. This stunning garden was the ultimate Flamingo Jungle!