Coconut Palm tree painting

//Coconut Palm tree painting
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Coconut Palm tree painting 2016-12-05T16:20:07+00:00

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Coconut Palm Watercolor, 34″x44″, SOLD

Coconut Palm is a bold and exciting large tropical watercolor painting. Dramatically life size, the original was gorgeous in person! Golden coconuts with sunlit oranges brought a near life size coconut palm onto the wall. As I was adding paintings to my online Prints Shop, I re-discovered this golden gem—I confess that I did sell it long ago and it was a stunner. A lot of time went into this beautiful large watercolor painting as all the palm fronds were masked several times—that’s the only way to create a painting like this in watercolor. Even the darker coconuts had gorgeous hues of blue, rust and violets—this coconut palm painting had so many layers of color to create the coconuts. Loved this painting so I thought I’d add it here!!!