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Temps in the 90s on Saturday for Danville Fine Arts Faire—BRING WATER

By | June 15th, 2012|Glass Blog|

Temperatures could be in the 90s on Saturday in Danville, California for the annual summer Danville Fine Arts Faire, website is: Sunday should be a bit milder as temperatures are predicted to be in the early 80s—absolutely perfect weather for an art festival..that said, Sunday is also the second day and that means missing [...]

Circles of Eternity, abstract reverse painted chandelier may go to Santa Monica glass art gallery

By | June 14th, 2012|Glass Blog|

Just wanted to share another view of my newest abstract, reverse painted chandelier that is titled Circles of Eternity. I am trying to decide if I will take this piece (over an abstract piece that will be finished today) down to my glass art gallery in Santa Monica, California. The decision must be made by [...]

June Garden Bloom, reverse painted chandelier wins a Judges Award at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery show

By | June 13th, 2012|Glass Blog|

In May, my reverse painted chandelier titled June Garden Bloom won a special Judges Award at the Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery art show which was organized by the Lodi Community Arts Center. It was a fabulous event and the turn out for the gala reception had a couple hundred people, many of which were dressed [...]

Jenny Floravita booth # 319 at Danville Fine Arts Faire, June 16 & 17

By | June 12th, 2012|Glass Blog|

San Francisco Bay Area  friends, family and clients: this weekend, June 16 & 17  I'll be at the Danville Fine Arts Faire on Hartz Avenue, booth # 319, cross streets are Church Street/Hartz Avenue. This will be one of only two art festivals for this summer and it is one of the best art festivals [...]

28″ Vineyard Romance, grape reverse painted chandelier goes great with Wine Country style

By | June 12th, 2012|Glass Blog|

I really need to put pictures of this 28" Vineyard Romance painted chandelier on my website. My mother is holding the glass up to the sun so that the artistry of the complete piece can be seen. This lovely grape themed reverse painted chandelier has Tuscan colors with accents of soft violets, like summer Napa [...]

Vineyard Romance, 32″ reverse painted glass chandelier headed for Temecula, California

By | June 11th, 2012|Glass Blog|

In three weeks I'll be delivering this lovely 32" Vineyard Romance, a custom reverse painted glass chandelier. I'm so pleased with how well this chandelier turned out...was going to wait until my delivery drive to show this piece here on my bog but thought, "hey, I can show it now and then"!' This is a [...]

Arizona Contemporary, abstract reverse painted glass chandelier inspired by studio glass art movement

By | June 11th, 2012|Glass Blog|

This is another design idea for my abstract reverse painted glass chandeliers that I'm very excited about. Arizona Contemporary is inspired by both concepts that I've had in my mind for a few years and design elements taken from the studio glass movement, which turns 50 years old this year! Desert flowers alternate with colorful [...]

Morning on Maui, new tropical reverse painted glass chandelier

By | June 10th, 2012|Glass Blog|

Morning on Maui is my newest tropical reverse painted glass chandelier. This exotic piece incorporates all of my signature elements: red gingers, birds of paradise, orchids, palm fronds, wide leave tropical foliage, torch ginger, yellow ginger and a parrot. The colors are bold, cheerful and vibrant. This painted chandelier will likely go down to my [...]

Sedona Vortex abstract reverse painted glass chandelier

By | June 9th, 2012|Glass Blog|

Sedona Vortex was born from an idea that's been floating around in my mind for several years. My idea was to take alternating sections of flowers and color blocks and have them swirl in the glass. This is an original concept for my reverse painted glass chandeliers. It is a fusion of my abstract and [...]

developing styles for Floravita’s abstract reverse painted chandeliers

By | June 8th, 2012|Glass Blog|

This has been a very creative and challenging Spring season. In the past several months I've had major creative break throughs in my abstract painted chandelier styles. As a professional artist, it's important to me to have my own signature painting styles and that's something that I've been developing through the years. Successful artists like [...]

New Abstract, Arizona, Sedona Vortex desert colors inspired painted glass night light

By | May 3rd, 2012|Glass Blog|

Creating "new" painted night lights has become a  favorite part of my creative time. This hand painted night light was originally concepted as one of two abstract pieces for a collector who already has three of my reverse painted abstract chandeliers. I liked both designs so much that I decided to add them to my [...]

Purple, Orange and Pink Geisha Painted Night Light

By | April 20th, 2012|Glass Blog|

This Honolulu Beauties Series Geisha night light has already sold to a favorite collector...but I wanted to share it with you. My last two sets of night lights in this series featured red, black and gold colors. This hand painted night light features purples, oranges and magenta/pink. I love this new series! When I paint [...]