I’m so excited!!! This has been a long time coming but I’m finally able to say that I have a new forged-fixture design option for my abstract reverse painted glass chandeliers. The fixture I’m showing here is my new Circles of Color chandelier. You can see more details on it’s page: https://floravitalights.com/portfolio/circles-of-color-abstract-reverse-painted-chandelier

The swirl element ties into my swirl and circles theme. It would look lovely on my Vortex piece as well and can also be paired with any of my other painted chandeliers if you want a reverse painted glass chandelier for your room yet need it to be a contemporary lighting fixture. It’s contemporary and clean in design, hangs lovely and gets away from the Tuscan and traditional scrolled iron designs of my other fixtures.

When you are a busy working artist as I am, every new idea can take a while before a design materializes into a piece you can touch. As clean and simple as this design is, I spent the better part of this past half year thinking about it and drawing different options before I was able to make it into the iron fixture you see today. The objective was to design a fixture that would fit my contemporary abstract chandeliers that would have a main element that would tie into the motifs that I like to use in my glass paintings. You will see more of these fixtures accompanying my abstract reverse painted glass chandeliers.