North Shore Living is a 12″ long by 6″ tall original oil painting from my long running Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage Series.

This is a beautiful island home vignette painting—a small treasure. You can see in the side shot how the colors glow. All of my paintings look really lovely in person—my collectors are always very happy with their purchases be they small or large.

My husband is lucky, he gets to go back to Big Island for a quick visit next month to look for our ‘spot’ on Hawaii. With a little luck and some vision, it might be possible for us to fulfill our dream someday of living in the islands—full time or part time, I don’t know yet. What I’ve noticed of people that we know who live in the islands, they tend to transition. At some point in their later working years they start to go for a month one a year as time permits, then next for two, at some point down the road it’s three and then…at some point they realize it’s been 2 years or more before they’ve been back to California.

We’re way too young for any serious dreaming of living in the islands soon but hey, there is serious truth in that if you only dream but never lay out a true vision in a plan then you will never arrive at your goal. For us, the goal has always been to enjoy life, to have a fabulous tropical garden and to live with art!