8″ x 8.5″ watercolor on rough 300lb Arches paper, 50 plus 6 packing/ship—I’ve shipped my paintings and chandeliers all over the country

Red & Orange Tropical Flower Glow is a watercolor study for possibly a larger watercolor painting. It is on a thick, 300lb rough watercolor paper. Normally I don’t paint on ‘rough’ surface paper so that said, this is a very true contemporary watercolor—though it’s highly realistic, it’s painted very freely, with a lot of layers and vibrant tropical colors.

The torn edges add a lovely element to this painting. Watercolor has always been my first love. I’ve been painting in watercolor for much of my professional career. Though galleries have largely preferred oils I’ve stuck with this exquisite medium through the years, showing them alongside my oil paintings and sometimes exclusively.

My first watercolors were painted at age 11 and I painted exclusively in watercolor for the first 20 years of my painting life. My floral paintings are inspired by tropical flowers. I travel to the Hawaiian Islands most every year and we also grow tropical flowers in my California home garden.