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Floravita Ambiance Night Light Info

A gorgeous hand painted night light really makes a room glow in the evening. They light up a dark hallway at night or a kitchen or guest room. They make fabulously unique gifts for those spe

Reverse painted glass hummingbird night light by Jenny Floravita

Hand painted glass night light by artist Jenny Floravita. All of Jenny Floravita’s Ambiance night lights are hand cut and kiln formed and painted in reverse by the artist herself. The size is approximately 6×6 inches for wide shapes and 4×4 inches for slim.ully painted night lights.

cial people who have everything and love art. Trust me, they will be delighted! And if you are going to use a night light, why not have it be a really spectacular art night light?

I have been hand crafting my unique line of hand painted Ambiance Night Lights since 2009. They are reverse painted glass. All of my glass shapes are kiln formed here in my studio in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. A lot of thought and work go into each of these beautifully painted art night lights.

Art Night Light Creation Story

The story my art night light collection really pays tribute to a dear friend of mine is also a highly successful artist and one of my dear collectors. Barbie wanted me to have a smaller item to sell at the many art festivals that I exhibited in each year. In the 2000s up to about 2012 I had a roster of about 20 fine art festivals in California and through those years I sold hundreds of my Hawaiian and tropical flower oil and watercolor paintings and also my reverse painted glass chandeliers. She had searched for unique night lights to fill her then new 3,400 sq foot model home. She was only finding the run of the mill types and knew I could design a most beautiful painted night light that people would want to own and collect.

My first first collection involved 6 pieces and if I remember correctly each piece was a grape night light. I accidentally broke one of the glass shapes that we made together—Barbie is also an experienced glass artist and she and I worked together on the shape and in fact, we formed those first pieces in her kilns. So I was left with 5 grape night lights but they were beautiful. I sold them all to other artist friends at our little Brentwood Art & Wine Festival two weeks later.

The fine art festivals were good for my work in those early days because they allowed me to experiment to see what people liked about my painted night lights. I went through many modifications in style, color, design, glass shape, etc…but the work was all worth it in the end.

Night Light Specifics

Wide fan shape art night light is approximately 6×6 inches and that includes the night light fixture.
Slim fan shape art night light is approximately 4×6 inches and that includes the night light fixture.
Bulbs are included.
Each of my Ambiance art night lights comes in an elegant gift box and includes a wonderful little story book that tells how the night light is created.


Do they last long? Yes! I have several in my own house that are many, many years old. I have also sold a few thousand night lights and so I know they last. I also have many, many collectors who continue to purchase from me as gifts for their friends. When it comes time to replace the bulb, you can purchase bulbs at any store that sells light bulbs.

How do I purchase?

I am creating a page where you can purchase available Ambiance night lights. They are sold exclusively through my studio and it’s best to purchase pieces that are already available and ready to ship. Shipping is included in the price for all US clients. For international clients, please let me know where you would need me to ship and I will try to get the best shipping price possible.

You will see that there are lots of designs in my Ambiance Lights page, more than I can keep current with. I’m a very prolific and highly creative artist and many of my night lights are painted freely. It’s best to choose from what I have in stock for a quicker delivery.