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Reverse Painted Table Lamp A11116961

Beautiful Reverse Painted Table Lamp For a Somber Day


It’s a small world and I think everybody alive today in this country has been effected by the tragic events of 10 years ago. Almost everybody knows someone who lost a loved one or who survived by what seems like sheer luck. I know two people who directly lost either friends or family on September 11, ten years ago. This in mind, I thought that today I should be productive despite the somber mood of our country. The above piece is a reverse painted table lamp that I completed today.

Though nobody alive in my family today directly remembers the attacks on Peal Harbor—our nation’s other significant foreign attack— my family carries this unfortunate event in our history. My grandmother and her family waited two weeks to find out if her older brother was alive—and he was, though he returned a very different person. His ship, the USS West Virginia, sank in the battle and he lost friends in the most horrible of ways. For my great-uncle, from what I understand his life was never easy after that fateful day. I think that the family probably felt extreme relief to find him alive. I’m sure that helped make our memory of Pearl Harbor a bit better, considering the circumstances.

Painting is my greatest gift and what I feel is my purpose in this life. It’s my contribution to society—however small—and it’s important to me to continue to use my talent to produce beauty. When I was painting this reverse painted table lamp I thought of all of the highly productive people who’s lives were cut short—some in an instant and some in what must have been an agonizingly long time—and all of the people who grieved hardest from their loss. Life is what it is…the good and the bad. I worked today in honor and contemplation of those who would not have the choice…ten years later.


Reverse Painted Lamp Vineyard A10306331

Reverse painted lamps add charm to any room


Reverse painted lamp by Jenny Floravita

There were thousands of reverse painted lamps done during the Victorian era. This was once a very popular art form. These hand painted lamps bring charm and ambiance into a room. Their soft light adds warmth.

From an artistic point of view, a reverse painted lamp will add color and surprise. People who love lamps will look for just the ‘right’ piece. If you think that you do not have a space for a reverse painted chandelier in a specific room but love the art form then chances are that you can find a perfect space for one of these lovely painted lamps.

The first few lamps that I created turned out so beautiful! I’m very pleased and proud of them. Right now all of the bases that I offer are Tiffany reproductions but who knows…maybe within the year I’ll have my own line of bases that are custom to my hand-crafted glass bowls.

This particular lamp is from my Vineyard Romance Series and the colors are inspired from Tuscany.

If you have your own special lamp base that you just can’t part with, then I can provide the glass bowl to fit. Each piece is created and signed by me, the artist!

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Thank you for viewing my art. Your time is much appreciated!