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Banana Shack, Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage painting



Spring has arrived along with soft rains and new banana plant stalks are shooting up in the garden of my California studio. While I’m waiting for my garden to become green again, I’ll be painting banana plants in my small Hawaiian waimea plantation cottage paintings…and dreaming of the lush season that follows.

You can see that my Mini Master paintings are created on professional quality canvas. Each painting is painted around the edges. Many collectors  display multiple paintings in a grouping or stand them up on a mantle. These little gems are very lovely in person.

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Hawaii in Summer, tropical waimea plantation cottage art


Hawaii in Summer is one of my newest mini Waimea Plantation Cottage Series paintings. Those of you who have been following my painting blogs for a couple years know that I can paint these small Hawaiian sugar cottages endlessly.

This piece forgoes the usual island cottage blue and utilizes the colors of the sun. Bright orange and red flowers bring cheer and texture to the front of the house while tall coconut palms and bougainvillaea prosper in the back.

Personally, I do understand why I paint these island houses—they represent the good life and maybe even a future life in the islands and buy judging on how many of these I’ve sold through the years, others can certainly relate!

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Morning Glory House, waimea plantation cottage painting


Late last month I was blessed to visit Hawaii proper also known as Big Island. Hawaii is a very dynamic, living island. Though our entry and exit to and from the island happened late at night, if you fly in to land during the day you will be able to see how the lava effects the landscape.

This island is still producing shoreline. The lava has a beauty in itself that is hard to describe if you have never experienced standing on and in an immense dried lava bed in person as we did on the grounds of the great 1990 eruption. I’ll have to create a few paintings this year that incorporate the beauty of lava rock.

My husband and I also realized that we really love the East side of the island. It’s the wet side of the island. As an artist who is inspired by the islands, it was great to finally be back on Big Island—it really helped me to reconnect with my chosen subject.

Though the painting featured here does not have lava it does have one of my other favorite elements to paint—the Hawaiian sugar plantation cottage. This piece titled, Morning Glory House is a small canvas, 6″x12″. There is a lot of fun texture on this painting. You can see a couple more details of this fine vignette oil painting under my Mini Paintings category:

Tropical Flower Mural Painting PB0718981

Tropical Flower Mural in Floravita’s Main Gallery Room


I’m going to miss this tropical flower mural in my main gallery room…but alas, all good things must come to an end.

One week from tomorrow this tropical flower mural will be installed at the San Francisco Design Center for the 2011 Dining By Design charity fundraiser.

I think this wall will feel empty after this painting’s release…and I think it’s time to complete a few more tropical flower paintings to show in it’s place…

Tropical Flower Mural PB0218671

Tropical Flower Mural for 2011 Dining by Design Finished!


Finally, my tropical flower mural is finished! This is really a very lovely oil painting in person. It has very ‘designer’ colors in the background and will look lovely in our table-scape for the upcoming 2011 Dining by Design, which will be hosted at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria in two weeks.

There will be a preview and taste party. Patrons will bid on the ‘tables’ and then winners will come back on the following night with their dinner party guests to feast. This is a wonderful event and proceeds go to help the AIDS community.

The Preview Party: Table Hop & Taste is Wednesday, November 16, 6—11pm and tickets are 100. Cuisine will be provided by: 25 Lusk, Bar Bambino, Barbara Llewellyn Catering, Bisou, Chef Tyler Stone, Limon and Mission Minis. To order tickets, click here. Stay tuned for event photos!

Thank you for viewing my art. Your time is much appreciated!