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Tropical Flower Mural Painting PB0718981

Tropical Flower Mural in Floravita’s Main Gallery Room


I’m going to miss this tropical flower mural in my main gallery room…but alas, all good things must come to an end.

One week from tomorrow this tropical flower mural will be installed at the San Francisco Design Center for the 2011 Dining By Design charity fundraiser.

I think this wall will feel empty after this painting’s release…and I think it’s time to complete a few more tropical flower paintings to show in it’s place…

Tropical Flower Mural PB0218671

Tropical Flower Mural for 2011 Dining by Design Finished!


Finally, my tropical flower mural is finished! This is really a very lovely oil painting in person. It has very ‘designer’ colors in the background and will look lovely in our table-scape for the upcoming 2011 Dining by Design, which will be hosted at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria in two weeks.

There will be a preview and taste party. Patrons will bid on the ‘tables’ and then winners will come back on the following night with their dinner party guests to feast. This is a wonderful event and proceeds go to help the AIDS community.

The Preview Party: Table Hop & Taste is Wednesday, November 16, 6—11pm and tickets are 100. Cuisine will be provided by: 25 Lusk, Bar Bambino, Barbara Llewellyn Catering, Bisou, Chef Tyler Stone, Limon and Mission Minis. To order tickets, click here. Stay tuned for event photos!

Tropical Flower Mural Canvas Up A12014481

Canvas is up, ready to be primed


Warning: this is an anti-mini painting…contrary to the name of my painting blog which has chronicled my Mini Master island paintings since 2006, both here and on my former Blogger blog.

This is the next step. The canvas is up and is ready to be primed. Pinning the canvas to the wall was a two-person job and my husband was of great help! Our goal was to get the canvas as tight as possible. Primer, which I will explain in my next post will help to further tighten the canvas, creating a smooth surface in which to paint.

I awoke this morning, very aware of how much work and commitment I have in this project. This is a painting for an interior design showcase that is also a fundraiser and of course will take a tremendous amount of time away from my personal business of creating custom reverse painted glass chandeliers and my ‘regular’ tropical island and flower oil and watercolor paintings. A lot of my work right now is commission based. Technically I’m in the middle of 5 different commissions for my painted chandeliers. I will have to structure and use my time well in the next month!

The round objects with bubble wrap on my floor are actually chandelier bowls that are painted on the inside…and you can see that paintings leaning on my grand piano aren’t small either though they are by no means as large as this mural will be.

My approach on this painting will be to work intensively every day until finished.

Figuring Tropical Flower Mural Canvas A12014441

The Making of an Oil Mural


Warning: this is an anti-mini painting…contrary to the name of my painting blog which has chronicled my Mini Master island paintings since 2006, both here and on my former Blogger blog.

I’d like to share the process of creating a large Oil Mural. This will be an intense and large project and will consume a very big part of the next few weeks of my work. Unlike most murals—which are done with house paints, acrylics and on walls—this is an actual oil painting on canvas. I’ve chosen this way to work because I am most comfortable and fluent in oil painting and I prefer the way oil moves on canvas. Oil takes longer to dry so I’ve planned for that in my time-frame.

My downstairs studio gallery has two large walls and I choose the one wall that would give my eye access to looking outside as my preference is to work and be able to see through a space to nature. All of my home studio work spaces, including my office are designed with this in mind. Though this isn’t my largest wall, it will do.

The rough size of this mural is 9’x12′. Artists, you can purchase a large canvas like this through The canvas has been cut to size and will be ironed to take out the creases. Upon looking at the size of this canvas, I think I’ll have to order more primer!

Thank you for viewing my art. Your time is much appreciated!