Painted Lamps

Summer Garden Bloom, 18″ reverse painted table lamp

Enlighten your room with a gorgeous reverse painted table lamp like Summer Garden Bloom. It is sure to be a focal point and a treasured work of art. It will be a warm light on a winter's eve or a morning inspiration in the spring. I have my lamps lit nearly all day through the year because they are so beautiful. They really bring life into a room. Summer Garden Bloom is 18" in diameter, can be sold separate or with lovely Tiffany style lamp base (as shown) which brings the height to around 25".

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18″ Reverse hand painted lamp shade, cat commission

Originally I named this commissioned, reverse hand painted lamp shade Cat Got the Grapes. In line with my Vineyard Romance Series theme, my client requested two shades that would match. She loved my Tuscan colors in my other grape and vineyard reverse painted chandeliers so we decided to create both of her lamp shapes in the same hues.

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Vineyard Romance, 18″ Reverse Painted Lamp Shade

Vineyard Romance Series reverse painted lamp is 18" in diameter, can be sold separate or with lovely Tiffany style lamp base. I cannot say enough good things about these lovely table lamps!

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Island Light, Reverse Painted Table Lamp

These lamps are so much lovelier in person. This piece in particular reverse painted table lamp has a lovely, lovely side with sky blues and warm sunset island colors. Island Light has a lot of different angles in which this lamp can be enjoyed.

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Ambience, Reverse Painted Glass Table Lamp Shade

Ambiance is a lovely Reverse painted glass lamp shade that is 16" in diameter. Shades can be sold separate or with lovely Tiffany lamp base.

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Vineyard Romance, Reverse Painted Table Lamp with sweet songbird

This Vineyard Romance reverse painted lamp shade features a sweet song bird among grape vines. The lamp shade is 16" in diameter.

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Thank you for viewing my art. Your time is much appreciated!