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Waimanalo Beach painting 3

Waimanalo Beach painting

Waimanalo Beach painting number 3 is an 8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas by artist Jenny Floravita

Waimanalo Beach painting number 3 is the last small oil painting  of three that was commissioned for my clients from Australia. This last scene I wanted to paint another view of the beach looking to the left. A coconut palm is in the middle of the beach on the far left side. Red tropical Hawaiian flowers…could be red gingers or red hibiscus, suggest a warm splash of accent color in the composition. The Pacific Ocean laps effortlessly up against the warm sandy beach. The sky is bright and happy—no rain! Coconut palms are suggested again further in the distance.

Each Waimanalo Beach painting in this collection is 10×8 inches and each is an original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Most of my oil paintings are on gallery wrapped canvas and are painted around the edge including on the bottom. The depth of the canvas is 1.5 inches. I prefer the look of gallery DSC_4361wrapped canvas because I love seeing the texture of my oil painting on the sides. These small paintings can hang direction on the wall with a small nail or they can lean against the wall on a mantel. I have a lot of collectors both nationally here in the US and internationally.

It was a pleasure to paint these small oils that were given as wedding gifts from the bride and groom to family members and I hope that they bring great joy and serene memories for years to come!

8x10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita


Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach art

Waimanalo Beach

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

This is the second Waimanalo Beach painting for an Australian client who was married on this very beach just last week. If you are wondering where Waimanalo Beach is, it’s on Oahu which is one of the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu is the island that has Waikiki and Honolulu and Pearl Harbor…and I mention this just because those of you who know better would be surprised at home many people who have been there don’t know it’s Oahu and not Hawaii (which is the Big Island). Often when I refer to paintings, I’ll also just say Hawaii and not be too specific but in case you want to know where this lovely beach is, now you do! It’s very popular for weddings!

My clients stayed in Waikiki and as I was also staying in Waikiki just a few days prior to their wedding so I carried their three oil paintings with me on the plane and delivered them to their hotel. I was happy to do this because shipping to Austrailia is a bit more expensive than shipping in the US—was happy to find a solution to save a bit of money on shipping. I’m always trying to be efficient with shipping as shipping is one of my biggest costs in my art business.

Their paintings were waiting safely for them in a box at the front desk when they arrived. Now, that’s a service I can’t normally provide!

On the day that my mother and mother-in-law and my young son were flying out of HNL there was an attack at a major airport in Brussels…and though I feel always extremely safe in Hawaii, no matter which island I am on, it wasn’t lost on me that that my great-uncle served on the USS West Virginia during th


e Pearl Harbor attacks. What a crazy world that we live in!!

Back to my Waimanalo Beach painting—it’s loosely painted to capture the essence of this fantastic beach. I painted a lot of movement into the sky and ocean and the mountains beyond have their own mood. This is a 10×8 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. I’ve continued the painting all around the edge of the ca

nvas so it’s ready to put on a mantel or hang on a wall on a nail. Each of these paintings will be given as gifts to parents of the bride and groom so these are special little oil paintings and I put a lot of thought into them.

8x10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita


Jenny Floravita Wamanalo Bayt Hawaiian Beach Painting 1 16 1

Waimanalo Bay oil painting for Australian wedding couple

Waimanalo Bay oil painting

8×10 Waimanalo Bay oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas by artist Jenny Floravita

This gorgeous scene is an 10×8 inch Waimanalo Bay oil painting. This is the first of three 8×10 painting commissions. My clients are from Australia and they were married on Oahu’s gorgeous Waimanalo Beach.

Each painting will be given to a parent of the wedding couple. This first painting really shows the expansive view of Waimanalo Bay to the right. I love how bright and sunny this scene is and I especially love the mountain range.

Hawaiian mountains are endlessly fascinating to me. They are very rich sources of inspiration. Oahu has some stunning mountain ranges. The week before my client was to be married I was also on Oahu, enjoying Waikiki downtime with my family. I missed traveling around the island this time. My son is only one years old and we all determined he would enjoy the beach more than a long car ride. Oahu has such rich scenes for an artist like myself to paint!DSC_4357

I love to watch the Pacific Ocean roll endless waves towards the shore. It doesn’t matter which island I’m on—they all give me great inspiration to work hard as an artist. There are too many paintings to do in a lifetime! My source of inspiration in the Hawaiian islands is endless.

Back to this particular painting. This Waimanalo beach oil painting is on gallery wrapped canvas. This is a small piece and is 10×8 inches.

8x10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

Floravita Tropical Red Flower 2 12

Tropical Red Flower by Jenny Floravita, new 8×8.5 inch watercolor


Floravita-tropical-red-flower-2-12This lovely sunlit flower is a red heliconia. I love painting tropical flowers with sun shining through the leaves. This lovely little painting measures 8 inches by 8.5 inches and is on a heavy 300lb rough Arches watercolor paper and is ready to frame anyway you wish. The price is 175 US Dollars. Though I’ve sold hundreds of oil and watercolor paintings in my professional career, my painted chandelier art form requires most of my artistic time. I only seem to be able to produce a few new oil or watercolor paintings each year due to the demand for my chandeliers…but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t desire to paint in my original art form. I love watercolors! And I also love oils.

Jenny Floravita Tropical Hawaii Kauai Beach Painting 43 10

Just You and the Beach is a Kauai’i inspired mini oil painting by artist Jenny Floravita


Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.

Just You and the Beach is another sold Mini Master Island Painting. This is one of four paintings that is shipping to a collector back East. This is a Kauai’i North Shore beach scene that I’ve painted large scale several times. I love this beach. It’s semi-private because you have to know where to turn off the highway. There isn’t marked parking or any signs. You then go down a little cliff to the beach. Every time I visit this little private beach has been empty.

And it’s not very large. A couple stands of tall coconut palms provide a lot of nice shade. I love the detail of the bark of coconut palms and I paint them often, upclose and detailed in my larger works.

This small original oil painting is on a 12×6 inch gallery wrapped canvas and is painted around the edges. I absolutely love painting in both oil and watercolor. I’ve been torn between the two mediums for years but these days I have less time to do so in a given year because I am so busy creating my reverse painted glass chandeliers which require complete fabrication before the painting even begins.

But I do plan to try to offer more Mini Master Island Painting this coming year. Just painting small scale reminds me of how much I miss doing so. I’ve sold a couple hundred small original oil paintings, many through the art festivals that I used to exhibit here in California. These small gems have always been very popular with my collectors and I’ve kept them very affordable—I definitely charge less for these paintings over my chandeliers simply because they are so joyful to paint. When I don’t have time to paint them, I am forced to put them on the back burner to handle my demanding painted chandelier commission queue and gallery demands which can last for many months without a break…so if you like my small oil paintings, it’s better to collect when they are posted and available.

These days most of my works—both painted chandeliers and oil and watercolor wall paintings—are sold through my website to collectors in other states and not through festivals.

Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.


Jenny Floravita Tropical Hawaii Kauai Beach Painting 42 10

Coconut Coast is a 12×6 Mini Master Island Painting by Jenny Floravita


Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.SOLD
12×6 inch Mini Master Oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Coconut Coast is a new Mini Master Island Painting featuring a favorite beach scene in Kauai on the East side of the island. A lush green gras lawn lies in front of a protected beach. Tropical red hibiscus flowers line the perimeter. Tall coconut palms sway in the cool breeze as gentle waves roll into the shore.

Kauai is definitely one of my favorite islands to paint! This little gem is an oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas so it is painted around the endues and can either hang on the wall solo or in a grouping. The canvas is thick around the endues so this painting can also stand upright on it’s own on a mantel, as seen below.

My original oil paintings are painted loosely and with great expression. I enjoy feeling the moment when I’m painting these small scale oil paintings.

Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.

Floravita Tropical Flower Painting Hawaiian Island Art 1 11

Watercolor painting, Glowing Ti Leaves of the Hawaiian Islands, also shown at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery art show


One of my newest over-sized watercolors, Glowing Ti Leaves of the Hawaiian Islands (along with my reverse painted chandelier titled June Garden Bloom) was also included in the juried art show at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery in May. This is my current favorite tropical flower painting. The flowers for this piece were seen on Kauai though this scene could be from any garden enthusiasts home in the Hawaiian Islands.

There were over 700 entries in the various categories so I was very excited to have this piece of art included in the show, especially considering that one of my favorite chandeliers was also chosen. I must confess that if I could do this over again, I would have framed this piece differently. Normally we frame all of my watercolor paintings here at the studio and all of my watercolors have been framed in the same style for the past several years. My husband does the chops and assembly, I cut the mats and assemble the fillets, backing, etc… I had decided that I wanted to do something different with this one piece and wanted to give a local frame shop (that has a flaky reputation but is well known among the local artists) another try at framing simply to support another local business that is not a big box business…gave them plenty of time…with disastrous results. Right down to the last minute this was a stressful frame job and in the end I didn’t get the moulding, matting, fillet that was specifically chosen for this piece—as a last resort we had to put the painting into a thin molding that warps because the size of the painting is too large for the molding.

I am planning on re-framing this piece in the way in which it deserves, you can see here how beautiful it is and that it deserves to be shown well. Framing is an important part of a watercolor’s presentation. In the near future, I will do a blog or two on how this piece will be framed and why certain frame and matting decisions are made.

If any of you know an awesome framer, I’m open to ideas for this piece!

Floravita Waimea Plantation Cottage Blog 12 7

Banana Shack, Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage painting



Spring has arrived along with soft rains and new banana plant stalks are shooting up in the garden of my California studio. While I’m waiting for my garden to become green again, I’ll be painting banana plants in my small Hawaiian waimea plantation cottage paintings…and dreaming of the lush season that follows.

You can see that my Mini Master paintings are created on professional quality canvas. Each painting is painted around the edges. Many collectors  display multiple paintings in a grouping or stand them up on a mantle. These little gems are very lovely in person.

12 8 P31927271

North Shore Living, Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage painting


North Shore Living is a 12″ long by 6″ tall original oil painting from my long running Hawaiian Waimea Plantation Cottage Series.

This is a beautiful island home vignette painting—a small treasure. You can see in the side shot how the colors glow. All of my paintings look really lovely in person—my collectors are always very happy with their purchases be they small or large.

My husband is lucky, he gets to go back to Big Island for a quick visit next month to look for our ‘spot’ on Hawaii. With a little luck and some vision, it might be possible for us to fulfill our dream someday of living in the islands—full time or part time, I don’t know yet. What I’ve noticed of people that we know who live in the islands, they tend to transition. At some point in their later working years they start to go for a month one a year as time permits, then next for two, at some point down the road it’s three and then…at some point they realize it’s been 2 years or more before they’ve been back to California.

We’re way too young for any serious dreaming of living in the islands soon but hey, there is serious truth in that if you only dream but never lay out a true vision in a plan then you will never arrive at your goal. For us, the goal has always been to enjoy life, to have a fabulous tropical garden and to live with art!

Floravita Waimea Plantation Cottage 12 51

Hawaii in Summer, tropical waimea plantation cottage art


Hawaii in Summer is one of my newest mini Waimea Plantation Cottage Series paintings. Those of you who have been following my painting blogs for a couple years know that I can paint these small Hawaiian sugar cottages endlessly.

This piece forgoes the usual island cottage blue and utilizes the colors of the sun. Bright orange and red flowers bring cheer and texture to the front of the house while tall coconut palms and bougainvillaea prosper in the back.

Personally, I do understand why I paint these island houses—they represent the good life and maybe even a future life in the islands and buy judging on how many of these I’ve sold through the years, others can certainly relate!

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