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Floravita Reverse Painted Sedona Vortex Chandelier P60329612

Sedona Vortex abstract reverse painted glass chandelier


Sedona Vortex was born from an idea that’s been floating around in my mind for several years. My idea was to take alternating sections of flowers and color blocks and have them swirl in the glass. This is an original concept for my reverse painted glass chandeliers. It is a fusion of my abstract and flower subjects painted in the color palate of the Arizona desert.

My desert flowers look as if they will burst out of their sections. This is a very dynamic, lovely painted chandelier and I do plan to create many different pieces in this vein. As far as contemporary glass art goes, this is a brand new twist on a very classic idea. Swirling elements have been used in lighting and architecture for centuries.

Sedona Vortex, my newest abstract reverse painted glass chandelier will debut at my new desert art gallery soon—I’m very excited about this. Stay tuned for more details!!!

Floravita Abstract Reverse Painted Chandelier P60330031

developing styles for Floravita’s abstract reverse painted chandeliers


This has been a very creative and challenging Spring season. In the past several months I’ve had major creative break throughs in my abstract painted chandelier styles. As a professional artist, it’s important to me to have my own signature painting styles and that’s something that I’ve been developing through the years.

Successful artists like myself balance a lot when they work. They must keep their business going on all fronts as well as create commissions, create new works for their galleries and shows and also find time to explore the new ideas that my be percolating in their minds for years. For me, the “new” ideas also means experimenting with my iron fixture styles as well. It’s a lot to juggle! You have to keep all the other balls in the air, moving and there are days where the inspiration just isn’t there. On those days, I break.

Many of my “newest” chandelier concepts at any given time really come out of ideas that I’ve been developing in my mind for many years. This spring, the addition of two new galleries, both of which sell contemporary glass art, has finally given me the push that I needed to explore my reverse abstract painted chandelier concepts for these markets.  My “Circles” series is one distinct concept that I’m really enjoying right now and the chandeliers turn out delightful! I’m also currently exploring other abstract concepts that I’ve had in my mind for a long time and you can see those in my painted chandeliers section or in my future blogs. Sometimes it takes an outside push to move beyond of your comfort zone.

As I’ve said before, a lot of work goes into each of my reverse painted chandeliers! So spending valuable time in taking risks on new ideas isn’t always easy for me…but I’m finally at the point in a creative cycle where all of my thoughts are coming to the surface and they are highly developed ideas so my success rate has been 100% lately. Please check back for new works over the next two months—I promise that you will not be disappointed!

Floravita Abstract Painted Nightlight P50328591

New Abstract, Arizona, Sedona Vortex desert colors inspired painted glass night light


Creating “new” painted night lights has become a  favorite part of my creative time. This hand painted night light was originally concepted as one of two abstract pieces for a collector who already has three of my reverse painted abstract chandeliers.

I liked both designs so much that I decided to add them to my line of hand painted night lights. This particular piece has colors that are inspired by the Arizona, Sedona desert. Violets, reds, desert greens and sun yellow along with vortex symbols make for a lovely work of art.

This night light lights up beautifully! This is a small sample of my reverse painted chandeliers. If you love desert colors and abstracts then this piece could be for you! Only 33 plus 6 for shipping. Each of my painted night lights are hand-crafted here in my studio.

Floravita Geisha Reverse Painted Night Light P4142786

Purple, Orange and Pink Geisha Painted Night Light


This Honolulu Beauties Series Geisha night light has already sold to a favorite collector…but I wanted to share it with you. My last two sets of night lights in this series featured red, black and gold colors. This hand painted night light features purples, oranges and magenta/pink.

I love this new series! When I paint new concepts it takes me a while to develop the line. I’m not yet sure of what colors will be featured next as I’m going to paint more of these gems in pieces with purples.

Floravita Bird Of Paradise Painted Night Light P3022644

Bird of Paradise reverse painted glass night light


Need a little piece of paradise?

My “new” tropical Bird of Paradise night light was previewed and then promptly sold out last month and has lovely warm colors. We grow birds of paradise at my home studio and they are now blooming in my garden! Through the years I have painted this flower differently in my glass night lights with different colors and different flower poses.

These night lights are small samples of my reverse painted chandeliers and have been in a continual evolution since the first pieces were created.

Watch for new designs in April!

Reverse Painted Glass Floravita A1057546

Choosing between a large 32″ and a 24″ for a reverse painted glass chandelier


I wish I had found these photos two months earlier when I was trying to convey to a client, who lives in the Southern part of my state, the difference between a 32″ glass bowl and a 24″ glass bowl—as we were trying to decide on a good size for her reverse painted glass chandelier commission.

The 1st truth is that my 24″ painted chandeliers are perfect for most people and they look beautiful—each glass bowl is hand-crafted and hand painted by me. I’ve installed them into small seaside cottages of 800 sqft and the other extreme—voluminous rooms with 20′ ceilings with both types of clients thinking that the chandelier fit the space beautifully.

The 2nd truth is that most spaces—even small rooms—can handle one of my larger, reverse painted glass chandeliers. The difference between my standard 24″ size and a larger size like a 32″ or a 36″ is a) impact and b) price. You can definitely hang a larger painted chandelier over a dining table in a small room and the results will be very dramatic, guaranteed. The cost for me to produce my painted chandeliers in larger sizes goes up dramatically and the time involved also quadruples. That said, my larger reverse painted glass chandeliers are stunning!!!

These images were of a painted chandelier commission from a couple of years ago. I photographed the glass bowls outside on my hot tub and this client owns one chandelier in a 24″ and one in a 32″ size. This is a complex art form in the sense that colors and design can make one chandelier over another of the same size appear to be larger. This art form has a three-dimensional element. As you walk around one of my reverse painted chandeliers the different flowers and leaves will pop out at you. The larger glass bowls literally have larger planes of dimension. Even though these two bowls look dramatically different in size, when hung the size difference appears to be even greater. The true depth of the glass bowl is deeper in the 32″ and it’s obvious that the painting inside the bowl is more elaborate. In many ways my larger reverse painted glass chandeliers are a totally different animal—there is just so much more surface space in the glass for me to paint—they really are a premium luxury product.

This 32″ bowl will also fit completely over the 24″ bowl with a lot of room to spare. What I don’t think these photos show are the true depth and how these pieces will hang and how stunning they are as paintings…but I think that these photos still can help illustrate a size difference between my standard size and a larger chandelier on a very basic level.

These images are meant to help you decide on a size that is right for you. If you need examples of larger chandeliers hanging in spaces call or email me and I’d be happy to send you examples. Knowing the size/s of my reverse painted glass chandeliers that you are contemplating and the colors/subjects is also helpful. As an artist, I’m happy to create both standard and large sizes—from a personal point I want you to have the chandelier that fits your room so one size over another does not matter to me.

Floravita Reverse Painted Lamp Glass Art DSC03043

Trilogy at the Vineyard fine art and wine show


This elegant setting is a home in Brentwood, California’s, luxurious Trilogy at the Vineyards community. To be clear, this is the Northern California’s Brentwood.

My reverse painted lamp (far left) and my reverse painted ‘flat’ glass pieces are lovely compliments to this formal, traditional wood interior. This lovely home has a 20′ ceiling. The reverse painted bowl in the front is one of my painted chandelier bowls. I like to share with people how I create my work and seeing a painted chandelier up-close helps people to understand the artistry involved.

Trilogy at the Vineyards is a lovely and luxurious community and I have several friends who live here, many of which are artists. We gather semi-annually to create a show in which we share our works with the art patrons and artists of Brentwood. In May I will be exhibiting at Trilogy’s Club House for our annual East Contra Costa Artists’s Open Studio, an event in which almost 50 artists will open their homes and studios to the public in various locations. Stay tuned for more info, coming soon…


Bahama Macaw, tropical reverse painted glass chandelier


Bahama Macaw is a lovely example of my tropical, reverse painted glass chandeliers. Though I have been creating and painting these rare and exciting chandeliers for several years, part of what is most inspiring for me is that each new painted chandelier idea has the potential to be so different from the last even within my truest artist voice: tropical.

When I’m creating a “new” chandelier concept I allow my creativity to be guided by my instinct for color, space and movement. Usually I will start with a general idea, for example, maybe I already know that I want to paint a macaw or have red ginger flowers or plumerias. Or maybe I start a piece thinking that I want to work within a specific color scheme where I incorporate certain colors but leave others out of the mix.

For a working artist, being inspired is very important and I can honestly say that I’m inspired almost every day to create my reverse painted glass chandeliers or night lights. It’s a true blessing.

Geshia Night Lights

New Honolulu Beauties Geshia Series, reverse painted glass night lights


My newest series of reverse painted glass night lights are my Honolulu Beauties Geshia Series. Each night light will be painted differently, with different patters, styles and flowers that will include orchids, tropical gingers and cherry blossoms, just to name a few.

Some Geshias will hold fans. Reds, violet, black and golds have been the inspiring colors so far. Though all of the above night lights (plus around 15 others have sold) I’ll be adding new original reverse painted night lights on my website in this series soon. Send me a note or call me if you’d like to receive notification of my new Geshia night light releases!


Reverse Painted Table Lamp P9231785.jpgP9231795

Floravita’s Reverse Painted Lamps


As corny as it may sound, my rooms no longer feel “complete” without my reverse painted lamps turned on. My first lamps were created for a gallery—Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango, Colorado—and I felt guilty for not shipping them immediately after completion. Instead, I grew accustomed to them in my living rooms. I was really enjoying the new ambiance that these reverse painted lamps provided.

The photos that I’ve provided here on my website don’t do these lamps justice. I hope, in time, to learn to photograph the true illuminated beauty of these special lamps.

I hand-craft my glass shades here in my studio. A lot goes into each of these reverse painted lamp shades before I begin painting. Even hardware components at the top need to be specially machined here in my studio for these lamps.

The beauty is that these hand painted lamp shades can fit over other bases—for example, an antique base that’s been in the family—as I can provide the hardware that holds the glass.

This particular Tiffany style lamp stands 27″ tall. When they are illuminated, a special glow fills the surrounding area. My rooms feel empty without these lights turned on! I love the splashes of vibrant color and the warmth of the light…so much nicer than I can show here in a photograph. I’m now working to have a few extra reverse painted lamp shades on hand so that I don’t have to ever let go of my only lamps again.


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