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Floravita Sunflower Hand Painted Glass Chandelier DSC 2976

Sunflowers & Greens hand painted chandelier


Sunflowers, roses and grapes capture a sunny late summer afternoon in Jenny Floravita's new painted glass chandelier.Sunflowers dazzle in this new hand painted glass chandelier and I absolutely love this piece! It was painted right before the birth of my first child and it was for an interior designer, as a sunflower only concept. I’m just now getting a chance to release it and will probably ship it to one of my galleries soon. The beauty of this simple idea speaks for itself—just sunflowers, greens and white flowers as accents. The actual light that shines through is very sunny.

The colors would go well with a Tuscan home or a home that has a country or cottage feeling, especially if there are sunflowers in the decor. Originally I had planned to add red accent flowers and indeed, any accent flowers could be paired in a chandelier like this but once I added the white wildflowers, I realized that the sunflowers without the extra color—just golden sunflowers and an upbeat spring green—could hold their own.

You can see more examples of Sunflowers & Greens here.

Floravita Hawaiian Turtle Reverse Painted Chandelier DSC 2773W

Volcanic Ocean Reef by Jenny Floravita with a white fixture


Tropical reef fish and Hawaiian sea turtles swim in this exquisite 24 inch hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita a true work of art.

Recently I’ve had inquiries for different fixture colors for my reverse painted chandeliers so I am showing a fixture example in white here. All of my fixtures are hand forged out of steel…so they can be painted any color by either me or by you. Black and white are really the two best options. For 95% of my work, black really is the best option as it has the most contrast—very, very few people actually install a fixture that is not black just because it works so well.

On my ocean themed chandeliers, white can work well against the sea blues. Ocean blues and greens are the color set that I feel is a good match for a white fixture if you absolutely must have a fixture color other than white. It goes well with the Caribbean vibe.

The swirl element in my Contemporary Swirl fixture style is like a nautilus. My fixture style that has more scrolls also would capture the Caribbean vibe as well.

If you would like to see more pictures of Volcanic Ocean Reef, it can be seen here.

Floravita Abstract Painted Chandelier DSC 2646

Beautiful new geometric abstract painted chandelier by Jenny Floravita


Medallions of the Earth is an exquisite abstract painted chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita.

After taking a bit over a month off from painting and creating to recover from the birth of my beautiful baby boy, I’m fully back in motion. He’s very lucky that I work from a studio that I own and that he can be with me all the time. I’ve been wearing him in a front carrying pack.

One of my newest geometric abstract painted chandeliers is titled Medallions of the Earth and features jeweled medallions and sun symbols—just a few of the complexly interwoven elements that form the composition for this amazing beautiful new work of art. This painted chandelier was completed before the birth of my little boy and I’m just now releasing it. Within a month I’ll send it to one of my galleries and it will then fly out the door…as they all do, that is if I don’t sell this piece through my studio first.

In this chandelier, I’m mixing my fiery desert colors with earthy tones. I’m always experimenting with my color palate, growing and changing. This is what a good artist does—simply because we can change and grow. From one year to the next, I’ll always have completely fresh designs and ideas. That helps to keep my work interesting and exciting, especially since I sell a lot of chandeliers each year and I create and paint all of them! I need to keep my life’s work exciting and full of light. I challenge myself on a daily basis to create the very best art possible.

The fixture design that this piece is shown in is my Contemporary Swirl forged fixture and it’s become my favorite fixture design for my geometric abstracts.

Floravita Reverse Painted Lamp Shade DSC 2568 2

Commissioned 17″ reverse painted lamp shade by Jenny Floravita


Romantic Floral is an exquisitely painted, 18 inch reverse painted glass lamp by artist Jenny FloravitaThis exquisite lamp shade was commissioned through one of my galleries this past fall. The clients had specific colors and flowers that they were matching to a reverse painted chandelier that I had created the previous year and that they had purchased through the same gallery.

The shade was 17″ in diameter and was paired with a base that was 20.5″ tall. It was a great size for the shade.

I create all of my own glass shades here in my studio and they are specific sizes and shapes. Glass forming is an art in itself. Those antique, specialty glass shapes that are on the antique painted lamps were likely created by various glass companies in Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The process of creating a commissioned reverse painted lamp shade is easy. We would discuss first if you like the style and subjects that you see on my website. This would indicate that I’d be a good fit as an artist for your special lamp creation. If you can point to similar work in either my hand painted lamps or hand painted chandeliers then that helps to create a starting point for you lamp shade. We then discuss color and flowers, if your piece is a floral. If you are considering one of my unique geometric abstract designs in a lamp. then we’d discuss color and abstract elements. If you have pictures of your room then that is also very helpful for me to see. All of this info then is incorporated into a proposal for you and I to reference.

My glass bowls do not necessarily fit all of the lamp bases out there that are original to this art form. If you have a lamp base that you love, feel free to send me a pic of it without it’s shade and I can let you know if my glass shades would work with your lamp base. The lamp bases that I normally pair with my work are all very study and elegant. A base needs to be heavy enough to support my thicker glass shades so that they will not easily tip over. My bases are strong and are very stable.

To get back to this specific commission, more images can be seen here. A lamp is a beautiful way to add another piece of this fine art form to your room.


Floravita Tropical Flower Parrot Hand Painted Chandelier DSC 1577

Tropical flowers and exotic birds inspire Floravita’s hand painted chandeliers in July and August


A beautifully painted yellow parrot perches by tropical flowers in this exquisite 24 inch hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita a true work of art.The past few months I’ve been working hard to complete several hand painted chandelier commissions for private clients. Earlier in the year I was working hard to make sure that my galleries had the painted chandeliers that they need. Some of my clients have expressed that they would choose available chandeliers, if only I had any in my studio. Part being a professional artist is having enough work available. In this phase of my career, my hand painted glass chandeliers are very much in demand and have been so for a few years. But I am honored and humbled with every commission that collectors trust me with.

Usually by late July, I’m able to begin to paint a series of chandeliers that are painted freely, to give to galleries or keep here in my studio for the fall season as people are busy traveling and on vacations. This year I’ve been very busy through the summer but as mid-July approached, I did manage to set aside some space to paint a couple chandeliers on my own—without any particular client in mind. Part of refreshing my creativity means creating a few painted chandeliers freely—it’s incredibly important.

Tropical flowers and exotic birds are a subject near and dear to my heart. It is my ‘natural’ style as an artist—the subject I am most drawn to. My career as an oil and watercolor painting took off after college with tropical subjects, mainly flowers and island scenes. They greatly inspire my work and my life. In the 2000s I sold a couple hundred tropical themed paintings through art festivals in California and through my website.

A beautifully painted yellow parrot perches by tropical flowers in this exquisite 24 inch hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita a true work of art.When I began to create hand painted chandeliers, tropical flowers and exotic birds were my first subjects. What I absolutely love about tropical flowers are their colors and their boldness and size. I love pink and red gingers and their broad leaves. Torch gingers are so dramatic and waxy—and they last a long time in an arrangement. Orchids come in so many varieties that colors and shapes are endless though I must admit I’m very fond of using reds and violets in my orchids. The biggest wonders for me are the large pendant family  heliconias with the broad waxy leaves that tower above a house.

A beautifully painted yellow parrot perches by tropical flowers in this exquisite 24 inch hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita a true work of art.This particular chandelier has a sweet yellow parrot enjoying the rainforest, seen in the first image. He just hangs out among the flowers. His features have tremendous detail and expression.

The teal color adds a surprising color element. Shell gingers drape elegantly, birds of paradise are painted in dramatic colors. The overall color palate is very sophisticated in this hand painted chandelier. The soft violets and pinks add a moody element, like a quick rain shower. Most of my island travel is to Hawaii and we tend to prefer the jungle sides because they are so lush with flowers and gardens. We are big exotic garden fans so we do tour a lot of gardens…and we try to maintain our own when we are on the Big Island—always so much work to do!

This fall I’m looking forward to traveling to Kauai again with my mother and my husband’s mother. We usually stay on the Coconut Coast, which is the East side of the island. It’s been a couple years since I’ve be able to go back to Kauai because we’ve had so much to do on Big Island…but as I’m expecting our little boy in January, this is going to be a trip were we relax and shop and sit on the beach…and tour the island of course! I’m looking forward to gathering more inspiration from the isle that’s inspired so many of my island scenes…and hopefully many more hand painted chandeliers to come!

A beautifully painted yellow parrot perches by tropical flowers in this exquisite 24 inch hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita a true work of art.

Floravita Reverse Painted Flower Glass Chandelier DSC X0003

Beautiful soft romantic flowers in a new Floravita reverse painted glass chandelier


Reverse painted glass chanderlier by artist Jenny Floravita

This is a new 24″ reverse painted glass chandelier with soft romantic colors and flowers intermixed with sky blues. This piece is titled Spring Country. I love how the sections of sky have ferns and soft leaves are spaced out in the glass and surrounded by lush spring flower blooms.

I’m always painting new concepts and always looking for new ways to make all of my hand-crafted reverse painted glass chandeliers unique. Spring Country will be really exquisite in it’s hand forged fixture.

Floravita Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier DSC 0026

Thank You to everyone for a great 2013


Garden Romance, 33" by artist Jenny FloravitaJust want to say Thank You to all of my collectors for helping me to have another fantastic year in 2013! I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love for a living, which is paint beautiful images that come from my soul. You have all made it possible for me to do so…and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I want to share the above image, it’s from a new 33″ reverse painted chandelier that will be available soon. Think I’m going to title it Romantic Garden. It has a lot of dark exotic colors, very mystical and lush. This past fall I created a ton of floral chandeliers that I didn’t get a chance to post onto my website for all of you to see…so I’ll be trying to put a few more pieces up before the end of the month.

My work is inspired by a lot of different elements and it tends to go in waves. I’ll paint pieces with certain color combos or waves of floral chandeliers or sets of abstracts or desert flower pieces…keeps my galleries guessing and my work fresh for my collectors!

Right now, I’m probably inspired by darker more romantic colors because we are in winter. Though California has a very mild winter, it is very cold for my blood as I am in my element in coastal and tropical weather. To beat the winter blues (please don’t laugh at me) I need to keep painting and creating through these cold months. It keeps me sane. You will see a new flury of work coming out of my studio through March, for sure!

Seems that I’m able to also post more in these months. I’m always very busy, my work is in great demand and a lot of people expect a lot out of me at this point…but in the winter months, I do have more peace for some reason. By the late summer, seems like I’m not able to post as many works—I am usually swamped beyond belief as a LOT goes into creating my reverse painted chandeliers as you all know. Thank You to all of you who collect my work—please stay tuned for another exciting year! And a most prosperous year to all of you!!!


Floravita Napa Valley Vineyard Reverse Hand Painted Chandelier PA173893

Napa Valley Romance reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny Floravita


Napa Valley Romance, reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny FloravitaI’d like to introduce a new vineyard themed reverse hand painted glass chandelier, Napa Valley Romance. This is a gorgeous hand painted chandelier that combines red, violet and pale blue grapes with leaves, vines, sunflowers and roses. The flow of the grapes intermixed with the flowers is very graceful. Tuscan colors make this reverse painted chandelier perfect for homes that incorporate similar colors or wine themes.

The inspiration for this painted chandelier came from a collector last fall who ordered two 36″ Vineyard Romance chandeliers—one had grapes and song birds and the other intertwined roses, sunflowers and columbine flowers through the grapes and vines. Both pieces had Tuscan colors and also deep burgundy colors to match the richness of the dining room. That got me thinking that I’d like to incorporate countryside flowers into my vineyard chandeliers.

Napa Valley Romance, reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny Floravita



When I paint grapes, they are full with color and depth. They shine and also have waxy areas. My grape clusters look as if you could pluck them right off the vine. The roses have soft petals and my sunflowers are full of motion, gazing towards the sun. If you’d like to see more pictures of Napa Valley Romance, look for it on my Chandeliers page.

All of my reverse hand painted glass chandeliers are hand crafted and painted by me, Jenny Floravita. My studio is in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I live surround by vineyards. Painting my vineyard inspired chandeliers brings me back to early childhood memories of my grandparent’s shade filled trellised patio that hung heavy with dark blue grapes. They would tend to their garden. I’d sweep the red patio clean from leaves and rock in the swinging patio couch.

Floravita Abstract Reverse Hand Painted Glass Chandelier P6025278

pre-released new Jenny Floravita reverse hand painted glass chandeliers


Jenny Floravita's abstract reverse painted glass chandelierDarell, these below pieces are quickly taken images of new reverse hand painted glass chandeliers. They are all beautiful in person, hanging in their fixtures and all should be ready to travel in another week along with the other pieces that I’m going to send you links to via email.

To my blog followers: these new painted chandeliers will likely go to one or two of my galleries so if you are interested in any of these specific works, please contact me and I’ll put you in contact with the gallery staff. They are all unique and original.

Jenny Floravita abstract reverse painted glass chandelierThis is a different view of the same chandelier above.

The reverse painted chandelier bowl below is a romantic flower piece that has wisteria and roses, peonies…very stunning in person, very soft and lushly painted, very elaborate in overlapping. I just love all the sides, so I’m showing you 4 images…

Jenny Floravita's reverse hand painted glass chandelier Jenny Floravita's reverse hand painted glass chandelier Jenny Floravita's reverse hand painted glass chandelier Jenny Floravita's reverse hand painted glass chandelier

Below is another abstract…

Jenny Floravita's abstract reverse painted glass chandelier Jenny Floravita's abstract reverse painted glass chandelier

Below is a “window” abstract and floral—these are a favorite for me to paint… It has desert flowers alternating with color sections that have abstractions.

Jenny Floravita reverse hand painted glass chandelier
Below is an abstract…

Jenny Floravita's abstract reverse hand painted glass chandelier Jenny Floravita's abstract reverse hand painted glass chandelier


Floravita Abstract Reverse Hand Painted Glass Chandelier P2124546

new Abstract reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny Floravita


Circles of Summer, reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny FloravitaCircles of Summer is a stunning new 24″ abstract reverse hand painted glass chandelier. Vibrant shades reds, violets, yellows and soft pinks make this painted chandelier uplifting. It has beautiful colors and is lavishly painted. This is an original reverse hand painted chandelier.

Circles of Summer, reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny FloravitaThe opposite side has cool aqua and violet hues and is accented by lime greens, yellows and soft pink magenta colors. My Circles Series represent cycles of life. Everyone has their own unique path yet we all travel closely. When I paint, I try to feel the composition. Sometimes I go into the process of creating one of my abstract painted chandeliers with specific colors or an idea that I want to convey. Other times I try to simply create and I let my intuition as an artist speak through my brush.

Circles of Summer, reverse hand painted glass chandelier by Jenny Floravita

Nautilus symbols frequent my designs. They are found in fossils in the desert areas that inspire my desert hued reverse painted chandeliers. What was once water is now desert until the land sinks beneath an ocean once more and that is another cycle of life. The sun gives energy and warmth and is critical to our lives. Sun symbols are often found in my abstract works. The aqua areas often represent bodies of water.

My Contemporary Swirl forged fixture style was designed specifically for my abstract reverse hand painted glass chandeliers. I had chosen to photograph this piece in my Standard hand forged fixture because my abstracts look good in all of my fixtures.

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