Floravita Night Light DSC 5294

Cooler color palate night light


Floravita-night-light-DSC_5294Hi Judy, this is an orchid flower with blues and greens and a very small amount of rusty brown colors. It’s a very lovely design and to feature the colors in their truest form I recommend LED bulbs for these hues.

The parrot piece also has blues and greens. Let me know if you like either of these!

Blue Parrot

Hand painted glass night light by artist Jenny Floravita. All of Jenny Floravita’s Ambiance night lights are hand cut and kiln formed and painted in reverse by the artist herself. The size is approximately 6×6 inches for wide shapes and 4×4 inches for slim.

Hawaii painting

Waimanalo Beach painting 3

Waimanalo Beach painting

Waimanalo Beach painting number 3 is an 8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas by artist Jenny Floravita

Waimanalo Beach painting number 3 is the last small oil painting  of three that was commissioned for my clients from Australia. This last scene I wanted to paint another view of the beach looking to the left. A coconut palm is in the middle of the beach on the far left side. Red tropical Hawaiian flowers…could be red gingers or red hibiscus, suggest a warm splash of accent color in the composition. The Pacific Ocean laps effortlessly up against the warm sandy beach. The sky is bright and happy—no rain! Coconut palms are suggested again further in the distance.

Each Waimanalo Beach painting in this collection is 10×8 inches and each is an original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Most of my oil paintings are on gallery wrapped canvas and are painted around the edge including on the bottom. The depth of the canvas is 1.5 inches. I prefer the look of gallery DSC_4361wrapped canvas because I love seeing the texture of my oil painting on the sides. These small paintings can hang direction on the wall with a small nail or they can lean against the wall on a mantel. I have a lot of collectors both nationally here in the US and internationally.

It was a pleasure to paint these small oils that were given as wedding gifts from the bride and groom to family members and I hope that they bring great joy and serene memories for years to come!

8x10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita


Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach art

Waimanalo Beach

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

This is the second Waimanalo Beach painting for an Australian client who was married on this very beach just last week. If you are wondering where Waimanalo Beach is, it’s on Oahu which is one of the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu is the island that has Waikiki and Honolulu and Pearl Harbor…and I mention this just because those of you who know better would be surprised at home many people who have been there don’t know it’s Oahu and not Hawaii (which is the Big Island). Often when I refer to paintings, I’ll also just say Hawaii and not be too specific but in case you want to know where this lovely beach is, now you do! It’s very popular for weddings!

My clients stayed in Waikiki and as I was also staying in Waikiki just a few days prior to their wedding so I carried their three oil paintings with me on the plane and delivered them to their hotel. I was happy to do this because shipping to Austrailia is a bit more expensive than shipping in the US—was happy to find a solution to save a bit of money on shipping. I’m always trying to be efficient with shipping as shipping is one of my biggest costs in my art business.

Their paintings were waiting safely for them in a box at the front desk when they arrived. Now, that’s a service I can’t normally provide!

On the day that my mother and mother-in-law and my young son were flying out of HNL there was an attack at a major airport in Brussels…and though I feel always extremely safe in Hawaii, no matter which island I am on, it wasn’t lost on me that that my great-uncle served on the USS West Virginia during th


e Pearl Harbor attacks. What a crazy world that we live in!!

Back to my Waimanalo Beach painting—it’s loosely painted to capture the essence of this fantastic beach. I painted a lot of movement into the sky and ocean and the mountains beyond have their own mood. This is a 10×8 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. I’ve continued the painting all around the edge of the ca

nvas so it’s ready to put on a mantel or hang on a wall on a nail. Each of these paintings will be given as gifts to parents of the bride and groom so these are special little oil paintings and I put a lot of thought into them.

8x10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita


Jenny Floravita Wamanalo Bayt Hawaiian Beach Painting 1 16 1

Waimanalo Bay oil painting for Australian wedding couple

Waimanalo Bay oil painting

8×10 Waimanalo Bay oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas by artist Jenny Floravita

This gorgeous scene is an 10×8 inch Waimanalo Bay oil painting. This is the first of three 8×10 painting commissions. My clients are from Australia and they were married on Oahu’s gorgeous Waimanalo Beach.

Each painting will be given to a parent of the wedding couple. This first painting really shows the expansive view of Waimanalo Bay to the right. I love how bright and sunny this scene is and I especially love the mountain range.

Hawaiian mountains are endlessly fascinating to me. They are very rich sources of inspiration. Oahu has some stunning mountain ranges. The week before my client was to be married I was also on Oahu, enjoying Waikiki downtime with my family. I missed traveling around the island this time. My son is only one years old and we all determined he would enjoy the beach more than a long car ride. Oahu has such rich scenes for an artist like myself to paint!DSC_4357

I love to watch the Pacific Ocean roll endless waves towards the shore. It doesn’t matter which island I’m on—they all give me great inspiration to work hard as an artist. There are too many paintings to do in a lifetime! My source of inspiration in the Hawaiian islands is endless.

Back to this particular painting. This Waimanalo beach oil painting is on gallery wrapped canvas. This is a small piece and is 10×8 inches.

8x10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

8×10 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas, tropical Hawaiian oil beach painting by artist Jenny Floravita

Floravita Sunflower Grape Reverse Painted Chandelier DSC 2981

Rose and Vineyard hand painted glass chandelier


Floravita-sunflower-grape-reverse-painted-chandelier-DSC_2377Roses and Vineyards is a hand painted glass chandelier that I should have added to my website earlier. At the very end of January last year, I delivered my precious little baby boy and needless to say, life changed in an instant. Don’t get me wrong, I was answering client and gallery emails from my maternity suite the next day, on my iPad while my little one slept. It was four weeks before I got back to painting in my studio—my commission queue was piling up and though my galleries were so patient for new work, each was asking me gingerly, “When will you be back”? so I knew that I had to get to painting and creating again as soon as possible. And luckily, at that time my baby would take naps in a swing by my side while I would paint chandeliers.

The prior fall, I was having on and off difficult times with my pregnancy. There was really nothing to worry about, just that my pregnancy wasn’t comfortable and I felt very faint often. For a few reasons, I didn’t have one of those pregnancies where I felt awesome enough to exercise like lucky women do, let alone walk a lot—I’d nearly pass out so I had to plan where I was going and how far it would be and where I could rest along the way and it was embarrassing. There were days where I was taking it easy due to necessity and then during the days where I felt fine enough and on those days I would work to get ahead as I knew I’d be taking a few weeks off after my baby’s birth. I even completed twelve large 33 inch tropical parrot chandeliers for a new Margarita Casino Resort in Hollywood Beach, Florida at the end of my pregnancy and they were installed in the ballroom area. I normally stand when I paint and do fixture work but during those days, I had to learn to lean on a stool.

Anyway, long story above, I know…but I should have added this gorgeous rose and vineyard themed hand painted glass chandelier to my website sooner. As there is only so much time, I have to choose what I will add to my website. What you see my hand painted glass chandeliers online, the chandeliers you are viewing are just a few of many hand painted glass chandeliers that I am commissioned to create each year.

When this painted glass chandelier lights up, it has the most beautiful glow—the rose bouquet is stunning. I have a special client back east who I’ve created a couple chandeliers for, he’s a rose guy and with this particular piece, I actually created two that were similar (yet each was different, of course) and he chose one because of one of the butterflies. I have a new appreciation for roses in the past couple of years due to this client—they really are a gorgeous flower. My grandfather loved yellow roses so I think of him when I paint yellow roses. Sometimes with 24 inch chandeliers, when they are commissions in themes that I know my collectors in general would love, I might do two pieces and let my commission collector choose. I didn’t send this piece to my gallery in Sedona, Arizona but blues aren’t a color that usually speaks to their clients so I limit the amount of blue hues in their chandelier selection.

My baby’s napping right now in his stroller in my gallery room so I need to double-check to make sure I still have this specific piece…but I’m nearly positive and I’ll bring it to La Quinta Arts Festival if I do. If I don’t take this post down today, it means I have this chandelier…because it could also be up in La Conner, Washington at Stan O’Neil’s gallery. He’s a fantastic glassblower and I’ll see him in a couple weeks at La Quinta Arts Festival.

Jenny Floravita Hand Painted Chandelier DSC 3637

Northern California Flower hand painted glass chandelier

Northern California flowers inspire this 24 inch commissioned reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita.

Northern California flowers inspire this 24 inch commissioned reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita.

This hand painted glass chandelier is titled Northern California Flowers and it has some similar concepts to Dreaming of Spring in a certain section as they were painted within the same time frame but over all, it is a very different work of art. I’m showing the full round glass bowl for this hand painted glass chandelier which is 24 inches in diameter and you can see more images in one of my Floravita hand-forged chandelier fixtures in my painted Chandeliers section.

One section on this hand painted glass chandelier has soft violet colors, hydrangeas and other purple and blue wild flowers. Another section has a beautiful wild peony bouquet surrounded with pink red roses. A soft blue sky peeks out around the edges here and there where I’ve allowed the composition in the painting to be open and have space. Another prominent section in this gorgeous hand painted glass chandelier has a flury of pink wildflowers. All along there are white accent flowers that are painted to bring accents into this new painted chandelier.

Broad green leaves are painted with great movement and gesture. When I was in college year ago, I took a full year of advanced drawing even though only a quarter was required. I knew it was very important to embrace and master the art of gesture drawing and I’ve used it ever since. And actually, my introduction to gesture drawing began when I was 16 at an intensive school of the arts in the summer for gifted artists. This was the California State Summer School of the Arts.

Gesture is so important in art and painting. It helps to determine the artistic voice of an artist. But back to the flower selection, these are flowers and colors you will see in flower pots in Northern California and even further north all the way up to the top of Washington state. My family has lived in Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, for two generations. When I was a small child we would drive up to Mendocino frequently and that is where my first memories of the ocean were created.


Jenny Floravita Reverse Hand Painted Chandelier DSC 3444

Floravita Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier

Peonies is an expressively painted peony and romantic flower themed reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita with a warm sunny background color.

Peonies is an expressively painted peony and romantic flower themed reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita with a warm sunny background color.

Dreaming of Spring is one of the new reverse painted glass chandeliers that I’ll be bringing to  2016 La Quinta Arts Festival, which held at the La Quinta Civic Center, March 3—6. This will be one of 14 or more chandeliers—haven’t decided yet on which pieces and how many—that I will bring to this great fine art festival.

This chandelier has a very soft and flowing composition. Romantic flowers and wildflower and greenery swirl around the glass bowl in a dance that I dreamed. The actual coloring is very soft—more gorgeous that I could photograph. There is a small section of sky blue peeking out here and there. Soft gold, violet and green hues are also painted into the background. Dazzling white wildflowers with jeweled centers spring out of the composition and help to add a lovely layer of translucency. Overall, the colors of the beautiful chandelier are more translucent and softer than my photos show.

I’m very excited to debut all of the new chandeliers that are in my collection. You can view more images of Dreaming of Spring here. If you would like to see more images of this chandelier, please send me a note.

My glass bowls are hand crafted in my studio as are my hand-forged fixtures. My chandeliers are of the highest quality—they are heirloom quality and I am told constantly by clients that my chandeliers are breathtaking in person—and I have to say at this point, with all of the years that I have been creating painted chandeliers, I’m extremely confident in my great talent as an artist and in the beauty of my work. My chandeliers are works of art for your ceiling. I have collectors who own several chandeliers and I have collectors who order new chandeliers every year.

Again, I, Jenny Floravita will be located at Booth #218 in the back loop, closer to the Civic Center. This is the same spot that I have exhibited in 4 other times so I requested this spot as I figure that collectors will know where to find me.

Floravita Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier DSC 3134

Three weeks to La Quinta Arts Festival


Sunflowers, roses, wildflowers and soft greens capture a spring morning in Jenny Floravita's new painted glass chandelier.It’s just three weeks to the start of La Quinta Arts Festival and I’m very excited. This year I will previewing new available chandeliers on my website starting this weekend, ahead of La Quinta Arts Festival so that my collectors can see new hand painted chandeliers in advance. So I will say it here, Jenny Floravita’s booth number is #218 which is in the far back loop by the La Quinta Civic Center. If you enter at the main gate, I’m in the furthest corner from the main show entrance gate. You will be given a map at the gate along with the 2016 La Quinta Arts Festival booklet and my booth number and information is also there.

This past week I finished painting my last chandelier for the show. I will be doing all of my fixture work over the next three weeks. All of my chandeliers are hand crafted here in my studio. My hand forged fixtures are very elegant and compliment my painted chandelier themes well. I’ll be bringing 24 inch chandeliers. Chandelier sizes are measured by the glass bowl diameter. 24 inch chandeliers will have three hand forged fixture styles to choose from. You can read more about the specs on my Chandelier Info page. Within the three forged fixture styles, I have a few different drop heights which are measured from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the glass bowl. I will have a semi-flush mount fixture available to see as well. The drop height for a semi-flush mount for a 24 inch chandelier is under 17 inches.

Ls Quinta Arts Festival is my favorite festival to attend because I absolutely love the entire Palm Springs area in the winter. I’m crossing my fingers for great weather. The best weather for La Quinta Arts Festival would be sunshine, clear skys and no wind…particularly now hurricane force winds, thank you! My booth will definitely be braced for all weather events and I’ve survived some very fierce storms in the Palm Springs area but it’s always nice to be able to look forward to exhibiting in the best conditions. I’m sure the tennis match people also hope for the best weather.

This year I also have some very special work for my painted Ambiance Night Light collectors. I’ll be debuting a line of beautifully painted one-of-a-kind birds with flowers and they will be a little more expensive but definitely worth the cost. They will make the most special gifts for friends and family. And to my night light collectors, I’m going to be adding a special night light info page to my website shortly. You will soon be able to purchase my available night lights online. I might not have every single design that I do in stock but I’ll make sure you can see which particular pieces are available to purchase and ship immediately.

Packing for an art festival is always very intense as there are so many details involved especially to exhibit my hand painted glass chandeliers. The booth structure alone has a ton of parts to it and I have to catalog them all and make sure I have everything packed including all that is required to weather proof my booth structure. I have to pack my glass carefully and all of my painted night lights and their boxes and story books need to also be carefully packed. The forged fixtures have to all be complete and all of the parts have to also be carefully wrapped for the journey down to the desert. And this year I’ll be bringing a new addition, my baby boy but luckily I’ll have a lot of extra help. This will also be the first year where my husband will attend one of my art festivals in the desert and I’m excited that it will be La Quinta Arts Festival. He will see why we love this show and why it’s the #1 arts festival in the country. I’m very grateful this year to have the extra help and the opportunity to exhibit.

And that said, my little boy is waking from a nap—6 shots today at his one year check-up. Ok, gotta run! Thank You for checking in my my bog and website.

Peony Violet Floravita Painted Night Light P8143344

Violet Peony night light for Martha…please call back


Jenny Floravita's reverse hand painted glass night lightsThis is a message for Martha—you called me right before New Year’s eve and left a message with your phone number…but you didn’t give me the area code and your number comes up as ‘restricted’ so I cannot see you phone number on my studio line.

If you want to order a Violet Peony night light, please call back at (925) 626-7969 and remember to leave your complete phone number with area code…if I’m not here to pick-up. I’m painting and creating night lights right now for La Quinta Arts Festival 2016 so it’s a good time to order a night light as I’m making them for this art festival.

I may also have the particular piece in stock and will look if you call back.  :-)

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Floravita Reverse Hand Painted Chandelier DSC 3113

La Quinta Arts Festival 2016 in Palm Springs area


Roses, wildflowers and white accent flowers dance in the sunshine in Jenny Floravita's new painted glass chandelier.The La Quinta Arts Festival 2016 will be: Thursday, March 3rd through Sunday, March 6th and will be held at the La Quinta Civic Center Park. I will be exhibiting my reverse painted glass chandeliers, both number 218. I’ will be in the back loop section (same as prior years) that is located by the back gate where the fence is on the same side as the shopping center that is across the street. So for those of you who didn’t see me last year at the festival, I’d like to tell you that I had a baby on January 31st of this year! If you missed my work…and many of you contacted me, you can see my work again this year! There is no better way to see an artist’s work than in person.

This is the same weekend as the Tennis Tournament so if you plan to stay the night in the desert, you might want to reserve your hotel rooms now.

I’m excited for this coming year and will be bringing a fantastic selection of my painted chandeliers, which are all hand crafted and painted solely by me, Jenny Floravita. I’ll be trying to update my website over the next two months to show you available new works. If you want to reserve a chandelier in advance and pick it up at the festival, please call me at my studio at 925-625-7969. If you want to commission a chandelier that you can pick up at the festival to avoid shipping, now would be the time to have me create your piece. I already have commissions queued well into the new year, which is normal for the demand for my work, but I’ll do what I can to fit your piece in if possible so that we can avoid shipping charges at a later date.

If you are thinking of a commissioned painted chandelier but don’t know where to begin…and I know I have a lot of design examples to choose from and that can make it difficult to pick and chandelier….then it’s a good idea to look at the colors, textures and design elements in your room and start there. I’m always here to help with that if you need me to make suggestions.

My little cat napper has just awoken so I’ll wrap this up now!

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Thank you for viewing my art. Your time is much appreciated!