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Peony Violet Floravita Painted Night Light P8143344

Violet Peony night light for Martha…please call back


Jenny Floravita's reverse hand painted glass night lightsThis is a message for Martha—you called me right before New Year’s eve and left a message with your phone number…but you didn’t give me the area code and your number comes up as ‘restricted’ so I cannot see you phone number on my studio line.

If you want to order a Violet Peony night light, please call back at (925) 626-7969 and remember to leave your complete phone number with area code…if I’m not here to pick-up. I’m painting and creating night lights right now for La Quinta Arts Festival 2016 so it’s a good time to order a night light as I’m making them for this art festival.

I may also have the particular piece in stock and will look if you call back.  :-)

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Floravita Reverse Hand Painted Chandelier DSC 3113

La Quinta Arts Festival 2016 in Palm Springs area


Roses, wildflowers and white accent flowers dance in the sunshine in Jenny Floravita's new painted glass chandelier.The La Quinta Arts Festival 2016 will be: Thursday, March 3rd through Sunday, March 6th and will be held at the La Quinta Civic Center Park. I will be exhibiting my reverse painted glass chandeliers, both number 218. I’ will be in the back loop section (same as prior years) that is located by the back gate where the fence is on the same side as the shopping center that is across the street. So for those of you who didn’t see me last year at the festival, I’d like to tell you that I had a baby on January 31st of this year! If you missed my work…and many of you contacted me, you can see my work again this year! There is no better way to see an artist’s work than in person.

This is the same weekend as the Tennis Tournament so if you plan to stay the night in the desert, you might want to reserve your hotel rooms now.

I’m excited for this coming year and will be bringing a fantastic selection of my painted chandeliers, which are all hand crafted and painted solely by me, Jenny Floravita. I’ll be trying to update my website over the next two months to show you available new works. If you want to reserve a chandelier in advance and pick it up at the festival, please call me at my studio at 925-625-7969. If you want to commission a chandelier that you can pick up at the festival to avoid shipping, now would be the time to have me create your piece. I already have commissions queued well into the new year, which is normal for the demand for my work, but I’ll do what I can to fit your piece in if possible so that we can avoid shipping charges at a later date.

If you are thinking of a commissioned painted chandelier but don’t know where to begin…and I know I have a lot of design examples to choose from and that can make it difficult to pick and chandelier….then it’s a good idea to look at the colors, textures and design elements in your room and start there. I’m always here to help with that if you need me to make suggestions.

My little cat napper has just awoken so I’ll wrap this up now!

Floravita New Orleans Reverse Painted Chandelier DSC 3479

New Orleans 40-something inch hand painted chandelier by Jenny Floravita


Romantic Flowers of New Orleans is a 44 inch commissioned reverse hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita.This jumbo 40-something inch hand painted chandelier is truly breath taking in person! It was painted as a commission for collectors in New Orleans who already own one of my custom 36 inch chandeliers. They had admired a particular chandelier titled Flowers of the Coast that was a 24 inch hand painted chandelier that sold through one of my galleries. Many of the commissions that I accept are based off chandeliers that my collectors see on my website. It is very challenging to go from an original 24 inch to a 40-something inch hand painted glass chandelier because of the sheer space in glass surface. Large chandeliers become entirely different originals that have to take on a life of their own. It’s just the way it is—plus as an artist, my work is always better…and I would say this is true of most artists who accept commissions…if I have a certain level of freedom with the painting process.

I observed and painted all of the same key flowers and colors from Flowers of the Coast and from there, I improvised and added many m0re flowers while trying to stay within the same color palate and feeling.

I’ll share a bit more of the painting process for this piece. Early on, my infant son was very fussy even though he was being tended to by one of his grandmothers. He’s very needy for his mother still. I had many long hours of painting on the first day and I noticed that I was painting lots of fussy little flowers—which are GOOD in many of my chandeliers…just that by the end of the day I knew that I only wanted one small section of small flowers in this piece. The detail is wonderful in these flowers but in order for my work to really move and flow I needed to be able to see beyond small sections of glass. That is a hard thing to do when your baby is crying! He was just very fussy in that particular frame of time. Luckily we moved beyond that and I was able to create what I had envisioned for my clients—an original hand painted glass chandelier that had flowers bursting with movement and joy!

Though I want to celebrate the size of this particular piece, I don’t encourage it for many collectors. The fright shipping alone is very expensive and the time in planning, fabricating and painting is also lengthy. The actual logistics requires two custom boxes. Hand painted glass chandeliers of this size are very expensive to pack and ship and fully insure—and my work is always professionally packed and fully insured so there is never any risk to my clients or to myself as a lot of time and love goes into my work! I don’t sell myself short by not insuring my work properly. We have a very good track record in terms of chandeliers arriving successfully at my client’s doorsteps—we (my team that packs my chandeliers and I) are pros at shipping! Maybe only 3-5% a year don’t make it and there are years where every single piece does! That said, anything can happen in shipping, especially cross country. That is why we spare no expense in packing. My hand painted chandeliers are packed to the hilt. In the rare times that we have incidents in shipping (as I ship a LOT) I fast track that piece and move it to the top of my commission queue so my collectors don’t have to wait too long.

These days, with my infant son I do require a bit more time in creating. He is very spoiled with attention from me! We are learning to navigate the waters of my very busy and successful career together. But back to this gorgeous hand painted glass chandelier—can’t wait for my collectors in New Orleans to receive! And just a note again about size, though I’m celebrating the size of this particular chandelier, my two standard jumbo sizes: 33 inch and 36 inch glass diameter hand painted chandeliers are very good ‘large’ sized chandeliers and my prices are very good considering the amount of time and costs that go into them. I’m pretty sure that all of my collectors that have ordered either the 33 inch or the 36 inch hand painted chandeliers have been very happy with those sizes.

Floravita Tropical Red Flower 2 12

Tropical Red Flower by Jenny Floravita, new 8×8.5 inch watercolor


Floravita-tropical-red-flower-2-12This lovely sunlit flower is a red heliconia. I love painting tropical flowers with sun shining through the leaves. This lovely little painting measures 8 inches by 8.5 inches and is on a heavy 300lb rough Arches watercolor paper and is ready to frame anyway you wish. The price is 175 US Dollars. Though I’ve sold hundreds of oil and watercolor paintings in my professional career, my painted chandelier art form requires most of my artistic time. I only seem to be able to produce a few new oil or watercolor paintings each year due to the demand for my chandeliers…but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t desire to paint in my original art form. I love watercolors! And I also love oils.

Floravita Sunflower Hand Painted Glass Chandelier DSC 2976

Sunflowers & Greens hand painted chandelier


Sunflowers, roses and grapes capture a sunny late summer afternoon in Jenny Floravita's new painted glass chandelier.Sunflowers dazzle in this new hand painted glass chandelier and I absolutely love this piece! It was painted right before the birth of my first child and it was for an interior designer, as a sunflower only concept. I’m just now getting a chance to release it and will probably ship it to one of my galleries soon. The beauty of this simple idea speaks for itself—just sunflowers, greens and white flowers as accents. The actual light that shines through is very sunny.

The colors would go well with a Tuscan home or a home that has a country or cottage feeling, especially if there are sunflowers in the decor. Originally I had planned to add red accent flowers and indeed, any accent flowers could be paired in a chandelier like this but once I added the white wildflowers, I realized that the sunflowers without the extra color—just golden sunflowers and an upbeat spring green—could hold their own.

You can see more examples of Sunflowers & Greens here.

Floravita Hawaiian Turtle Reverse Painted Chandelier DSC 2773W

Volcanic Ocean Reef by Jenny Floravita with a white fixture


Tropical reef fish and Hawaiian sea turtles swim in this exquisite 24 inch hand painted glass chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita a true work of art.

Recently I’ve had inquiries for different fixture colors for my reverse painted chandeliers so I am showing a fixture example in white here. All of my fixtures are hand forged out of steel…so they can be painted any color by either me or by you. Black and white are really the two best options. For 95% of my work, black really is the best option as it has the most contrast—very, very few people actually install a fixture that is not black just because it works so well.

On my ocean themed chandeliers, white can work well against the sea blues. Ocean blues and greens are the color set that I feel is a good match for a white fixture if you absolutely must have a fixture color other than white. It goes well with the Caribbean vibe.

The swirl element in my Contemporary Swirl fixture style is like a nautilus. My fixture style that has more scrolls also would capture the Caribbean vibe as well.

If you would like to see more pictures of Volcanic Ocean Reef, it can be seen here.

Floravita Abstract Painted Chandelier DSC 2646

Beautiful new geometric abstract painted chandelier by Jenny Floravita


Medallions of the Earth is an exquisite abstract painted chandelier by artist Jenny Floravita.

After taking a bit over a month off from painting and creating to recover from the birth of my beautiful baby boy, I’m fully back in motion. He’s very lucky that I work from a studio that I own and that he can be with me all the time. I’ve been wearing him in a front carrying pack.

One of my newest geometric abstract painted chandeliers is titled Medallions of the Earth and features jeweled medallions and sun symbols—just a few of the complexly interwoven elements that form the composition for this amazing beautiful new work of art. This painted chandelier was completed before the birth of my little boy and I’m just now releasing it. Within a month I’ll send it to one of my galleries and it will then fly out the door…as they all do, that is if I don’t sell this piece through my studio first.

In this chandelier, I’m mixing my fiery desert colors with earthy tones. I’m always experimenting with my color palate, growing and changing. This is what a good artist does—simply because we can change and grow. From one year to the next, I’ll always have completely fresh designs and ideas. That helps to keep my work interesting and exciting, especially since I sell a lot of chandeliers each year and I create and paint all of them! I need to keep my life’s work exciting and full of light. I challenge myself on a daily basis to create the very best art possible.

The fixture design that this piece is shown in is my Contemporary Swirl forged fixture and it’s become my favorite fixture design for my geometric abstracts.

Floravita Reverse Painted Lamp Shade DSC 2568 2

Commissioned 17″ reverse painted lamp shade by Jenny Floravita


Romantic Floral is an exquisitely painted, 18 inch reverse painted glass lamp by artist Jenny FloravitaThis exquisite lamp shade was commissioned through one of my galleries this past fall. The clients had specific colors and flowers that they were matching to a reverse painted chandelier that I had created the previous year and that they had purchased through the same gallery.

The shade was 17″ in diameter and was paired with a base that was 20.5″ tall. It was a great size for the shade.

I create all of my own glass shades here in my studio and they are specific sizes and shapes. Glass forming is an art in itself. Those antique, specialty glass shapes that are on the antique painted lamps were likely created by various glass companies in Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The process of creating a commissioned reverse painted lamp shade is easy. We would discuss first if you like the style and subjects that you see on my website. This would indicate that I’d be a good fit as an artist for your special lamp creation. If you can point to similar work in either my hand painted lamps or hand painted chandeliers then that helps to create a starting point for you lamp shade. We then discuss color and flowers, if your piece is a floral. If you are considering one of my unique geometric abstract designs in a lamp. then we’d discuss color and abstract elements. If you have pictures of your room then that is also very helpful for me to see. All of this info then is incorporated into a proposal for you and I to reference.

My glass bowls do not necessarily fit all of the lamp bases out there that are original to this art form. If you have a lamp base that you love, feel free to send me a pic of it without it’s shade and I can let you know if my glass shades would work with your lamp base. The lamp bases that I normally pair with my work are all very study and elegant. A base needs to be heavy enough to support my thicker glass shades so that they will not easily tip over. My bases are strong and are very stable.

To get back to this specific commission, more images can be seen here. A lamp is a beautiful way to add another piece of this fine art form to your room.


Jenny Floravita Tropical Hawaii Kauai Beach Painting 43 10

Just You and the Beach is a Kauai’i inspired mini oil painting by artist Jenny Floravita


Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.

Just You and the Beach is another sold Mini Master Island Painting. This is one of four paintings that is shipping to a collector back East. This is a Kauai’i North Shore beach scene that I’ve painted large scale several times. I love this beach. It’s semi-private because you have to know where to turn off the highway. There isn’t marked parking or any signs. You then go down a little cliff to the beach. Every time I visit this little private beach has been empty.

And it’s not very large. A couple stands of tall coconut palms provide a lot of nice shade. I love the detail of the bark of coconut palms and I paint them often, upclose and detailed in my larger works.

This small original oil painting is on a 12×6 inch gallery wrapped canvas and is painted around the edges. I absolutely love painting in both oil and watercolor. I’ve been torn between the two mediums for years but these days I have less time to do so in a given year because I am so busy creating my reverse painted glass chandeliers which require complete fabrication before the painting even begins.

But I do plan to try to offer more Mini Master Island Painting this coming year. Just painting small scale reminds me of how much I miss doing so. I’ve sold a couple hundred small original oil paintings, many through the art festivals that I used to exhibit here in California. These small gems have always been very popular with my collectors and I’ve kept them very affordable—I definitely charge less for these paintings over my chandeliers simply because they are so joyful to paint. When I don’t have time to paint them, I am forced to put them on the back burner to handle my demanding painted chandelier commission queue and gallery demands which can last for many months without a break…so if you like my small oil paintings, it’s better to collect when they are posted and available.

These days most of my works—both painted chandeliers and oil and watercolor wall paintings—are sold through my website to collectors in other states and not through festivals.

Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.


Jenny Floravita Tropical Hawaii Kauai Beach Painting 42 10

Coconut Coast is a 12×6 Mini Master Island Painting by Jenny Floravita


Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.SOLD
12×6 inch Mini Master Oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Coconut Coast is a new Mini Master Island Painting featuring a favorite beach scene in Kauai on the East side of the island. A lush green gras lawn lies in front of a protected beach. Tropical red hibiscus flowers line the perimeter. Tall coconut palms sway in the cool breeze as gentle waves roll into the shore.

Kauai is definitely one of my favorite islands to paint! This little gem is an oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas so it is painted around the endues and can either hang on the wall solo or in a grouping. The canvas is thick around the endues so this painting can also stand upright on it’s own on a mantel, as seen below.

My original oil paintings are painted loosely and with great expression. I enjoy feeling the moment when I’m painting these small scale oil paintings.

Mini Master Island Painting by artist Jenny Floravita. 12x6 inches on gallery wrapped canvas.

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