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Floravita Hand Painted Glass Chandelier P60329491

Delivering reverse painted chandeliers to a fine art glass gallery in Santa Monica, California


With the Summer Danville Fine Arts Faire behind me, it’s time to leave to deliver work to my fine art glass gallery in Santa Monica, which sells contemporary glass art for some of the nation’s most established artists. Yes, I’ll be sharing the info for this gallery upon my return—when I’m not in such a hurry. I am very excited to be represented by them!  So, yesterday I spent the entire day wiring, balancing and hand painted each of my forged iron fixtures. I personally hang and double, triple check each fixture for my reverse painted chandeliers myself to make sure that they hang straight and look as perfect as possible before they ship to you. My work is, after all, hand-crafted, hand-forged, hand-painted—you get the gist! Now I’m about to hand-pack a bunch of pieces carefully into my truck for the journey down to sunny Southern California! :-)

Sunflowers in Laguna is one of the reverse painted chandeliers that this gallery will carry. It’s a lovely piece with sunny colors, birds of paradise, sunflowers and other tropical and coastal California flowers—perfect for a beach side home. Actually, I think I’d better hand-wash the truck first!!! Can’t have it looking dusty going down to Santa Monica to delivery my painted chandeliers…


Floravita Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier PB192048

Danville Fine Arts Faire a great success despite 108 degree weather!


This past weekend was very hot at the annul Summer Danville Fine Arts Faire but I’m proud to say that it was still a great success. Despite 108 degree weather on Saturday and slightly cooler weather—but still hot—on Sunday I sold several significant pieces. The reverse painted chandelier here was titled Honolulu Beauties—a lovely geisha themed piece that’s based on the historic Japanese woodblock prints with a tropical, Hawaiian flower twist—went to a lovely home in San Ramon—wonderful couple! It will be greatly loved in their home. This was a lovely piece.

Thank you to all who came out to the show and to all who had such nice things to say about my hand-crafted, reverse painted chandeliers—it was great to meet you and hope to see you again soon!

Floravita Reverse Painted Chandeliers A1121031

Temps in the 90s on Saturday for Danville Fine Arts Faire—BRING WATER


Temperatures could be in the 90s on Saturday in Danville, California for the annual summer Danville Fine Arts Faire, website is: Sunday should be a bit milder as temperatures are predicted to be in the early 80s—absolutely perfect weather for an art festival..that said, Sunday is also the second day and that means missing the opportunities of choosing from your favorite artist’s works.

Personally I love the heat but anything above 90 degrees becomes uncomfortable for most heat lovers. If you plan to come to the show, bring a big bottle of water. To avoid the worst of the heat it’s advised to come early—many artists will be set-up by 9:30am and all will be ready to show their arts and crafts by 10am. Coming early to any show also has the added advantage of not missing out on art works that have already sold. The morning also provides for more shade on the street in general.

One would think that heat keeps people away from an art show but it isn’t true—people still come out in waves to enjoy a precious day away from the office in the sun. You just have to be prepared with a hat or sun umbrella, sunscreen and plenty of water so that you can walk the show and visit with artists in relative comfort. If you bring your precious doggie, please have his/her water and bowl with you…or better yet, leave them at home during the hottest hours of day. The hot pavement, which we don’t feel through our sandals and running shoes, can burn their feet and holds heat for a long time.

The above image is a detail from Coastal Bouquet, a reverse painted chandelier. Hope to see you this weekend at the Danville Fine Arts Faire!


Floravita Abstract Reverse Painted Chandelier P60330001

Circles of Eternity, abstract reverse painted chandelier may go to Santa Monica glass art gallery


Just wanted to share another view of my newest abstract, reverse painted chandelier that is titled Circles of Eternity. I am trying to decide if I will take this piece (over an abstract piece that will be finished today) down to my glass art gallery in Santa Monica, California. The decision must be made by Wednesday.

This abstract painted chandelier has a lot of bright, cheerful colors that are in a palate that is seen in decor in the greater Los Angeles area. People there will take bold chances on dynamic and dramatic wall colors so my chandeliers should fit in well.

This chandelier continues with my ‘Circles’ theme which uses the symbolism of life cycles, sun elements and my exotic leaves. My next, newest abstract reverse painted chandelier in this theme will have more unique elements and color patterns. If all goes well I should be able to photograph it on Tuesday to share with you shortly.

Floravita Tropical Flower Painting Hawaiian Island Art 1 11

Watercolor painting, Glowing Ti Leaves of the Hawaiian Islands, also shown at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery art show


One of my newest over-sized watercolors, Glowing Ti Leaves of the Hawaiian Islands (along with my reverse painted chandelier titled June Garden Bloom) was also included in the juried art show at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery in May. This is my current favorite tropical flower painting. The flowers for this piece were seen on Kauai though this scene could be from any garden enthusiasts home in the Hawaiian Islands.

There were over 700 entries in the various categories so I was very excited to have this piece of art included in the show, especially considering that one of my favorite chandeliers was also chosen. I must confess that if I could do this over again, I would have framed this piece differently. Normally we frame all of my watercolor paintings here at the studio and all of my watercolors have been framed in the same style for the past several years. My husband does the chops and assembly, I cut the mats and assemble the fillets, backing, etc… I had decided that I wanted to do something different with this one piece and wanted to give a local frame shop (that has a flaky reputation but is well known among the local artists) another try at framing simply to support another local business that is not a big box business…gave them plenty of time…with disastrous results. Right down to the last minute this was a stressful frame job and in the end I didn’t get the moulding, matting, fillet that was specifically chosen for this piece—as a last resort we had to put the painting into a thin molding that warps because the size of the painting is too large for the molding.

I am planning on re-framing this piece in the way in which it deserves, you can see here how beautiful it is and that it deserves to be shown well. Framing is an important part of a watercolor’s presentation. In the near future, I will do a blog or two on how this piece will be framed and why certain frame and matting decisions are made.

If any of you know an awesome framer, I’m open to ideas for this piece!

Floravita Reverse Painted Chandelier A1121019

June Garden Bloom, reverse painted chandelier wins a Judges Award at Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery show


In May, my reverse painted chandelier titled June Garden Bloom won a special Judges Award at the Woodbridge by Mondavi Winery art show which was organized by the Lodi Community Arts Center. It was a fabulous event and the turn out for the gala reception had a couple hundred people, many of which were dressed in the theme of ‘golden years of Hollywood’—it was a very spirited and cultured crowd. The surrounding landscape around Woodbridge winery was gorgeous and every bit as scenic as the most beautiful places in Napa and Sonoma. After all, this is California wine country—it’s a very big region.

I was surprised to win an award because my hand painted chandeliers don’t fit easily into a traditional category for juried art shows. I was thrilled to be accepted into the show!

Though this is only one lovely picture of this stunning reverse painted chandelier—you can tell that I love these, right?—you can see more images of June Garden Bloom here. My reverse painted chandeliers are three-dimensional so as you walk around the glass bowl you see new sides, new flowers, new color combinations. The alternating sides can look very different. This level of complexity makes these chandeliers a very interesting art form.

Danville Fine Arts Faire A1161159

Jenny Floravita booth # 319 at Danville Fine Arts Faire, June 16 & 17


San Francisco Bay Area  friends, family and clients: this weekend, June 16 & 17  I’ll be at the Danville Fine Arts Faire on Hartz Avenue, booth # 319, cross streets are Church Street/Hartz Avenue.

This will be one of only two art festivals for this summer and it is one of the best art festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you come to the show, please stop by my booth to say hello. Overall this is an awesome show for fine art and craft—some of the most successful artists have been exhibiting in this show for years. The details for the show can be found here:

This year I will only be showing my reverse painted chandeliers…it’s very hard to create both the chandeliers and also create my tropical paintings with all of the work involved in creating and selling fine art, so this year it will have to be chandeliers only. Again, this is one of only two summer art festivals—I don’t exhibit in a lot of festivals anymore so if you’d like to see my work in a festival setting, meet other professional artists, then come to down to Hartz Avenue this weekend.

If you know of others who would enjoy this show, please let them know!


Floravita Vineyard Grape Wine Reverse Painted Chandelier

28″ Vineyard Romance, grape reverse painted chandelier goes great with Wine Country style


I really need to put pictures of this 28″ Vineyard Romance painted chandelier on my website. My mother is holding the glass up to the sun so that the artistry of the complete piece can be seen. This lovely grape themed reverse painted chandelier has Tuscan colors with accents of soft violets, like summer Napa morning fog, and gorgeous grapes in reds, violets and blue hues. This chandelier is lovely for wine country lovers—is a very gorgeous decorative lighting chandelier that will be cherished for generations to come.

28″ is significantly larger than my standard 24″ chandeliers—the extra surface space allows for more painting. This size is an excellent medium size. Almost any room that can handle a 24″ chandelier can handle a 28″ reverse painted chandelier so if you think you want a larger size but don’t want to go too large then this is good compromise. This is also a very enjoyable size for me to create and paint.

Floravita Grape Vineyard Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier P5182914

Vineyard Romance, 32″ reverse painted glass chandelier headed for Temecula, California


In three weeks I’ll be delivering this lovely 32″ Vineyard Romance, a custom reverse painted glass chandelier.

I’m so pleased with how well this chandelier turned out…was going to wait until my delivery drive to show this piece here on my bog but thought, “hey, I can show it now and then”!’ This is a beautiful reflection of California wine country.

The iron fixture for this piece was custom made and hand forged specifically to fit this one glass bowl—and is an example of what I refer to as my ‘ornate style’ iron fixture. Though I love to paint large chandeliers, very few of my pieces each year qualify as large. Most people can handle a large painted chandelier in their space…but they are expensive to create. I only create large chandeliers on commission as people tend to want something specific in a commission…and again, they are quite expensive to make that I wait for those specific pieces.

This hand painted chandelier has grapes of many colors including red, violet, burgundy, green, yellow and blue plus song birds. The client also requested a humming bird or two and I did paint those for her though they are not normally part of my Vineyard Romance Series chandeliers. The large size of this piece allows for the extra grape colors and extra birds and dragonflies (which were painted from pictures from my pond). It photographed lovely and I really wanted to share it with you now! Thank you for looking at my newest, reverse painted glass chandelier in my Vineyard Romance Series.


Floravita Sedona Arizona Abstract Reverse Painted Chandelier P6032980

Arizona Contemporary, abstract reverse painted glass chandelier inspired by studio glass art movement


This is another design idea for my abstract reverse painted glass chandeliers that I’m very excited about. Arizona Contemporary is inspired by both concepts that I’ve had in my mind for a few years and design elements taken from the studio glass movement, which turns 50 years old this year!

Desert flowers alternate with colorful sections that are inspired by stringers in blown and fused glass. When this hand painted chandelier hangs, from some angles it appears to swirl and from other angles it appears like linear waves on a gentle lake. It has the colors of the Sedona, Arizona sunset and yet it’s contemporary, thus the name.

The studio glass arts movement formed in the early 70s. These wonderful artists pushed the boundaries of hot glass and are responsible for making blown glass and fused glass the popular art form that it is today. These are the same wonderful artists that I owe thanks for educating the public through art festivals on the value of glass art and that is the reason why younger artists like myself are able to successfully make a living. Through the art festival system, I know many veteran studio glass artists, some of which had studios of 10 assistants in their hey-day. These days a large glass art studio is expensive to run so many of these same artists (who at one point were selling over a million in glass art sales each year) are now down to one or two production assistants. I have exhibited my oil and watercolor paintings in tropical themes in art festivals in California since 2003. Blown and fused glass has always been one of the most collected art forms in these shows.

I’d like to also point out that the art form of reverse painted glass is not part of the studio glass movement—it was a very popular art form in the late 1800s and early 1900s, so it’s hey-day predates the studio glass arts movement by a few decades.

Thank you for spending the time to look at yet another one of my reverse painted glass chandeliers and thank you for reading my blog!

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