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Reverse Painted Table Lamp P9231785.jpgP9231795

Floravita’s Reverse Painted Lamps


As corny as it may sound, my rooms no longer feel “complete” without my reverse painted lamps turned on. My first lamps were created for a gallery—Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango, Colorado—and I felt guilty for not shipping them immediately after completion. Instead, I grew accustomed to them in my living rooms. I was really enjoying the new ambiance that these reverse painted lamps provided.

The photos that I’ve provided here on my website don’t do these lamps justice. I hope, in time, to learn to photograph the true illuminated beauty of these special lamps.

I hand-craft my glass shades here in my studio. A lot goes into each of these reverse painted lamp shades before I begin painting. Even hardware components at the top need to be specially machined here in my studio for these lamps.

The beauty is that these hand painted lamp shades can fit over other bases—for example, an antique base that’s been in the family—as I can provide the hardware that holds the glass.

This particular Tiffany style lamp stands 27″ tall. When they are illuminated, a special glow fills the surrounding area. My rooms feel empty without these lights turned on! I love the splashes of vibrant color and the warmth of the light…so much nicer than I can show here in a photograph. I’m now working to have a few extra reverse painted lamp shades on hand so that I don’t have to ever let go of my only lamps again.


Tropical Flower Mural Painting PB0718981

Tropical Flower Mural in Floravita’s Main Gallery Room


I’m going to miss this tropical flower mural in my main gallery room…but alas, all good things must come to an end.

One week from tomorrow this tropical flower mural will be installed at the San Francisco Design Center for the 2011 Dining By Design charity fundraiser.

I think this wall will feel empty after this painting’s release…and I think it’s time to complete a few more tropical flower paintings to show in it’s place…

Floravita Hand Painted Glass Night Lights Nov111

Floravita Painted Night Lights, grab ’em while you can!


My hand-crafted, hand painted glass night lights have been a work in progress for over two years. Like anything good, it took me a good solid year to figure out how I would mount the fixtures, what fixtures I would use and how I would approach the painting of my subjects. It then too me another year to paint and create my glass night lights on a regular basis let alone offer them on my website.

My reverse painted chandeliers offer me a large glass canvas to freely paint flowers and mix colors. On the other hand, the night lights only gave a limited amount of space in which to capture my ideas. At first I tried to capture big sections of my chandeliers and compress them into my small glass shapes and that did produce some interesting and original painted night lights that took too long to paint (for what I was charging—keep in mind I cut, slump and cold work each glass shape and in those days I was also creating the backing that attaches to the fixture).

Certain subjects were a hit right away and I continue to offer those in my collection. Others were truly one-of-a-kind and the collectors who purchased those particular pieces got a great deal!

Because each hand painted night light is truly original and unique in it’s own way—no two could possibly be alike—and I allow myself a certain freedom in how I paint them, I don’t post each and every “new” night light that is created on my website. It would simply take too long to do so. A good friend who designs unique jewelery pieces said this, “it’s a grab ’em while you can get ’em situation” and that is so true because I’m inspired to create and paint my night lights in batches. When I’m focusing on my chandelier commissions I’m usually not creating night lights.

I am not a production artist so I will continue to paint unique night lights and I’ll continue to allow myself to veer off from my designs and color schemes and yes, some night lights that were “hits” will eventually no longer be offered. After all, I’m an innovative artist and I have to be interested and inspired to create truly unique works! It’s just how it is and I’m true to my work.

Floravita Reverse Painted Chandelier PA2618631

Beautiful New, Floravita Reverse Painted Chandelier in Rose Colors


It’s been a very busy month in my studio and I’ve juggled commissioned reverse painted chandeliers, painted lamps and even a mural sized oil painting for a national fundraiser.

In fact, most of the summer season was spent working on commissions. Don’t get me wrong—I love commissions but it’s also very gratifying as an artist to create original works that are ‘new’.

This reverse painted chandelier is inspired by the large 36″ original, Romantic Summer Garden, only it has rose colors throughout and no sky blues. It features roses and peonies flowers. This is a very, very lovely piece in person and I look forward to photographing this work and adding it to my collection on my website.

Tropical Flower Mural PB0218671

Tropical Flower Mural for 2011 Dining by Design Finished!


Finally, my tropical flower mural is finished! This is really a very lovely oil painting in person. It has very ‘designer’ colors in the background and will look lovely in our table-scape for the upcoming 2011 Dining by Design, which will be hosted at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria in two weeks.

There will be a preview and taste party. Patrons will bid on the ‘tables’ and then winners will come back on the following night with their dinner party guests to feast. This is a wonderful event and proceeds go to help the AIDS community.

The Preview Party: Table Hop & Taste is Wednesday, November 16, 6—11pm and tickets are 100. Cuisine will be provided by: 25 Lusk, Bar Bambino, Barbara Llewellyn Catering, Bisou, Chef Tyler Stone, Limon and Mission Minis. To order tickets, click here. Stay tuned for event photos!

Thank you for viewing my art. Your time is much appreciated!